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Naked K9

I have worked in rescue for many years now.  I am a breed specific rescue in that I specialize in the hairless breed mostly Chinese Cresteds but will help other small breeds in need. I worked for other rescues but found the politic of the rescue to stifling and over whelming.  So I struck out on my own with three friends to start our own rescue. That was almost three years ago and all I have ever wanted to do was rescue, foster and re-home dogs.  It is what I am good at. Now I am not a person who lives or works well in structure and when I grow up I want organizational skills. So for folks that are highly organized and structured I am at least a night mare to work with.  My organization did not flourish and now find myself having to step up to the plate and make it better. I am the leader so I need to lead.   To say the least this is a terrifying to me.  In my restructuring I sought help from a group of people who love this breed and over the years have come to know each other through a form called Chinese crested crush.  I only know them as an on line screen names and am often confused when they refer to themselves with their given name,   This group of people from around the world have supported me and helped me through some difficult times that they never knew about but where there for me.  I now find myself reaching out to them for yet more support to get this rescue off the ground and helping dogs. The out pouring of help was a God send to me.  As I am so challenge when it comes to the inter working of a rescue.  They brought with them the expertise I needed to get this going. I know how to make money, I know how to work with dogs and help them with the old baggage they carry so they can have a chance at a new life but the  Organizational, political part is not my expertise.  These ladies come from three different country to help me and that will free me up to do what I am good at.  Working with the dogs. We have the same goals to help dogs and they can do it best behind the scene where there is no glory as it were the place that no one know is a vital part of rescue the heart beat, the part I can not do.  I am the front line person the one everyone see and knows.  But in fact I can not do this with out them and the others who helped in the beginning.  The name less part of rescue but ever so important part. To all of you my friends who now have rolled up their sleeve and dug in for me. The folks that have supported me, a local friend and her son who keeps me in dog food and a form called Crush.  Thank you from the Bottom of my heart.

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