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Pay back is coming......

Because lessons in life are not easy I never sugar coat them.  I do not run the kids around town I make them take the city bus.  For most Mid Westerners  we drive door to door so this is what the kids think my job is, NOT... I tell them buy a car and drive your selves to the door of any where you like.  So to night they gave it right back to me.  I hit a small animal a month ago and it damage the lower front plastic bumper of my van.  I have had it in the shop being fixed since Monday morning.  I borrowed my Moms car for the three days while mine was being fixed.  We took my Mom drivers license from her because she now has a heart that just likes to stop and we don't want it to just stop while she is driving.  My brother drives her where ever she wants to go.  So when I showed up tonight with the van the kids started  in how did I get the van where is Grandmas car? etc.  I explained I left work and picked Grandma up and went to the body shop and got the van and Grandma went home in her car.  They all started in why was Grandma driving where was Uncle Jim and so on.  I told them just because Grandma does not drive she still likes to go places so she just went for the ride and Uncle Jim drove the car home. This then set reality into motion.  One girls says I can't wait till you get old. What? I am already old. She said " no, old when you can't drive and you need me to drive you some place I am going to tell you to take the bus. Now the others all jump on that one. Ya, Ma and when we are on a trip and you tell me you have to pee I am going to tell you to hold it. Just pinch it, I,m not stopping. Now my visuals have started and we are all laughing  I guess they won't sugar coat either.

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  1. Hey Sue, at OUR age already, just pinching it doesn't always work while you are laughing-I'm just sayin.....