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Warm and Fuzzy friend

My co-worker is a wonderful person and we get along well.  She says what is on her mind and loves confrontation.  I on the other hand do not like confrontation and avoid it at all cost. Our minds seem to work on the same wave lengths, mine is just calmer, and we both share sarcastic humor.  So we are having one of our many convict calls, for those who are not familiar with the term it is using a phone to talk to someone on the other side of a window. We were discussing the finer qualities of our grouchy co-workers, as she has just had some warm and fuzzy interaction with one.  She then referred to  herself as a warm and fuzzy person with just a few prickles under there.  I said “ So you’re OK as long as  you’re Not petted in the wrong direction or you’ll get quilled.,”  
I mean what are friends for, Ahey

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  1. Too funny!! I will watch which way I pet your "co-worker" (will not say NAMES here) !!!