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A new amusement ride ye haw

The Hooligan boy as they are being referred to these days have been on a caffeine high tonight, as they got my coffee and now are racing through the house at break neck speeds.  They get louder and louder as they run up the stairs, down the hall and slam into the dining room chairs; then regain there upright positions as they make a 90 degree left turn, their nails connected with the carpet and  they went hell bent to the end of the living room. By the time they got to the end of the living room they had enough thrust in their butts that the collision that occurs at the wall  had the resemblance of a derailed freight train. As the two of them start to wrestle they do not care what they grab with them teeth of theirs and one of these days one of them is going to grab, roll and bite and then one of them is going to be a sister.  At this point the volume of the TV goes up and everyone is yelling for them to stop. I am in my room while the thundering boys are upstairs and I swear they are shaking the whole house as they came running back to the basement. They ran by me and again had another collision, they got back on their feet and headed for the stairs again.  My computer sits just inside my room as you enter it.  My chair actually is out in the isle way through the room. I have one of adjustable chairs that you just reach down grab a lever and the air leaves and the seat moves down. Sometimes it can come down with a thud if the air leaves to fast. As I am the only one who uses the computer down stairs the chair stays at the same height, all the way up. 
Away the boys go back up the stairs thundering all the way to the dining room chairs I started yelling for them to knock it off but the play continued. As they are running at full throttle back down the stairs,I am sitting here just responding to e-mail drinking another coffee as they got the first one;when they got to the bottom of the stairs and try to hook a left hand turn the first one collides with the door jam and the second one collides into the first then as they are trying to gain their upright positions and get some floor under their feet they tumble into my room.  They both get going at the same time, hit my chair and the little lever.  When my chair stopped moving in both directions down and over, I had spilled my coffee all over the front of myself and I am three feet away from the front of the computer. All I could do is just sit there and laugh, holding an empty mug of coffee. I have never had an experience like that where my ass got smacked as the chair bottom hit the lowest point and I was shoved out into the middle of the room all at the same time.  I am still snickering at the thought of the whole thing again.  Hey maybe I can sell this as a new amusement ride to Disney,

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