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Discontent at the Damn Dog house

As I contemplate my role as the Big Dog of my pack of kids and dogs, I guess I just took it for granted that it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.  I have taken my role and done what has to be done.  I am on my second kid that has been grounded for 6 months.  Now some will find this shocking but sometimes when the regular punishments don’t work we go with the extreme.  Now with the dogs I have given them time out in their kennels but I find that it more for my peace of mind rather than a lesson learned for them. Now I believe that all the offenders that get any punishments, will be just plain madder than hell at Mom.  Now I believe that we all get over being pissed off at each other, I even find it hard to make someone stay grounded for 6 months. The dogs I have always assumed that they just love me and don’t even get mad at me.  They just are dogs doing what dogs do. Now to my complete shock I have found there is something very wrong and there is an uprising in the works.
I can say I never would have believed my dogs would have such a plan in the works to get me, but I have found the evidence of this plot.  It is evil and I truly do not believe the Texas fly swatter or a time out in a kennel would have merited such retaliation, but the proof is there and undeniable.  As I sat on the edge of my bed a sharp stabbing pain hit me in the buttocks. I jumped up and rubbed my butt as if there was no tomorrow and looked down to find a shiv one that you find fashioned by a convict in prison to do great harm to another inmate.  The dogs took one of their nylabone toys and chewed of all the pieces off and sharpened the end to a point and left it in my bed, hidden in the blankets they pile up every day in the middle of my bed. Now I am glad I had jeans on because they took the brunt of the shiv and I only got a red mark and a few moments of shocking disbelief and pain. Here is my evidence that there is discontent in the damn dog house. Who knew?

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