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The Art of Body Slamming

There is a new game going on in the Damn Dog house. It seems to be catching on and more of the dogs are doing it.  It started with my Gertie and now the hooligan boys and Jack are doing it. We have a room we call the study room.  It is the room that the girls use when the tutor is here or to do homework, I keep all the dog kennels lined up in that room to keep them out of the main stream, and the access to the bathroom is through this room.  
Gertie was born here in that room, along with her overwhelming confidence, and the fact that she is built like a brick shit house; she has taught herself how to open the door to the study. Now one would think she has learned how to work the knob, but it is by sheer brute force. She would stand in front of the door and then lean on it with her front paws and it would open.  Then we worked the latch a little and she found that she needed more force to make it open, hence the body slamming started. She runs toward the door and then as she is within a couple steps from the door she jumps up and slams herself, front paws first into the door. She slams into it with a Thud putting all her weight behind the thrust.  Now the hinge on the bottom of the door was never 100% it had some issues but it was very functional. It now is no longer functional; it is attached to the door but not the wall.  The top hinge has started to strip the inside of the screw holes on the wall so we need to tighten them up every now and then.  I now have the other dogs doing the same thing to the door to get into the room. Why? You say, because they eat in their kennels and they follow everyone to the bathroom.  So they will bust in the study door then go to the bathroom and bust it open. If we latch the bathroom door they will dig it to smithereens. Once the door slammers get the doors open then all the dogs just fallow them in.  There is no keeping them out now.   They think it’s time to eat the door slamming starts.  If they think there is the slightest chance that someone left a nugget of food in the kennel the other dogs wait by the door for the slammers to come and then when the door is pop open they all run to a kennel and check for food in the bedding of the kennel. When one is done checking a kennel then they will swap with the dog in the next kennel checking that dogs work on finding nuggets. All kennels are check many time for any leftover crunchies, unless they get run out of the study room to early then this will be repeated after a short time because all kennels must be check and recheck until everyone is satisfied that there is no kibble hiding in the folds of bedding.
The hooligans have taken this maneuver a step further. They now do it to me.  If I am sitting in my chair with the casters I get shoved away and if I am in a regular chair I get the force, Now standing when they do this can cause me to wobble and I am afraid this Weeble will fall down.  They want my attention and they slam me. It just amazes me how they learn this stuff and teach the others. Between the girls and the dogs all the doors in my house need fixing now. All door carry the same identifying signature, Paw Prints. This is body slamming 101

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