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Colorful language

I have a potty mouth, but in my own defense I know when not to use my colorful language. I work in a warehouse environment with one other female the rest of the crew out here is male.   In the office that I share with two others the language can get so colorful that it surpasses my potty mouth. Now as long as the person using said language does not use the same colorful word as a noun, verb and adjective in the same sentence, and they leave the Holy guys out of the mix I am Ok with it being use around me.  My female co-worker has a sarcastic sense of humor like mine the difference is her language, it is the most colorful of all.  To know her is to love her, she says what’s on her mind and it’s mostly colorful sarcasm. I can drop an F bomb here and there but F bombs do not have color; as it is just an F word. My co-worker can take an F bomb and add so much color to it that she can break half the room out in laughter and the other half will get red faced. We have many construction men working out here and they come and go all day long, and on occasion they have an encounter with my co-worker.  She has an outside voice and uses it a lot, now these poor men have no idea if she is serious or not when the encounter takes place.  The encounter starts and the first thing I see is the deer eyes in the head lights look, then a red face or two starts popping up, I can see these poor men do not know who she is and have no idea what to say or do. I will often laugh or say something to let them know she is just kidding they immediately relax and often will jump into the banter and play along. Her favorite expression is” I am FABULOUSE” ! and depending on who she is talking to may throw in some color to that statement.  She tells everyone she” oozes preciousness from her pours”, and the sarcasm flows like water.  Needless to say  the stuff that pops out of her creates  the ROFLMAO effect in this office.  I can hold my own when it comes to the sarcasm but she has me beat hands down in the colorful language department.  I am mostly the silent one when she is in her zone, but will throw some off the wall out of character statement into the mix,  It is purely for shock value and often works I do not do this in front of others, so I can claim my innocents when the stuff starts to roll out here.  I will often blurt out something negative about her when she is in her zone to keep the spot light on her.  She is always trying to prove to others that I am the sick one in this office.  But I just sit here, then she will say” it’s the quite ones that you have watch out for, “Sue”! The third person in this office has colorful language so he is good in that area but lacks the sarcasm that  us women have,  but he holds his own back here and rolls with the punches.  We do not have many days that we do not have a good laugh.
The other day I saw this cute picture of a Pomeranian Dog, it was so poofy and fluffed up that its size was quadrupled and under the picture it said B@^&! I AM FABULIOUS. This has become her new mantra and proudly displays it in her cube.     
In a rant she was having with a co-worker she yells out sock cucker, now he started to laugh and she said “Hey this me being nice”.  I can sit with my back to her and put on my head set on and listen to music so I won’t be distracted but when she comes up with this stuff It just cracks me up. She can keep my day very interesting to say the least.  

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