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Bragging on the kids not eating them

As the old adage goes
 "I love my kids so much I could just eat them, then some days I wish I had". 
Today however I am as proud of them as ever.  I am big into volunteering and it fits right into my companies mission statement.  My kids go and help at many function company and community.  They make me proud as more more folks in the community recognize them from one event to another and actually look for them and many ask about them. Today was our community semi annual recycle day. It rained on us and the job is dirty but they have a good time and never fuss about volunteering to help at these functions.  We even got the exchange student in on the work.  They roll up their sleeves and carry garbage, serve food, help with entertainment and even helping make blankets for the homeless shelter. They are a huge help with the dog rescue I could not do it with out them. So today I brag about them, tomorrow I eat them.          

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