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Do you know what your saying?

There is no shortage of mispronounced words at our house and sometime they can cause all kinds of commotion.  Not to mention misunderstandings, embarrassments, anger and plain old laughs.
I came home and the girls are all home doing hell knows what and I only have one brain cell left and it’s not firing very well and we start a round of what are you saying?  Now my brain cell has totally misfired and it does not even recognize who is talking any more. After all the girls tell me about their days I am ready to stick my head in the sand and forget the rest of the night, but can’t because now I have to cook.  I finish making chili and take a bowl to my room and put my brain to rest in front of the mindless television set. After a while I check e-mails and go back for seconds.  When I get back to the kitchen I see where someone has cook something else, I ask if anyone wants any Chili  as I fix my second bowl, there were no takers so one of the girls comes out to see what I am doing and starts to help me put the chili in a bowl for the frig. I turn around to put the bowl away and see her eating my chili. I said why don’t you get your own bowl and she takes another big mouth full and says” I eat beans and they make me F you c k”. What did you say? F you C K!  I started to laugh and said you need to empty your mouth because your English sucks when you’re not eating and it’s worse when it full of chili. She swallows and sticks her face closer to me and makes her mouth form the word again, F you C K.  What you eat beans and then you want to have sex?  NO Mom, I F you C K. “OMGAWD do you know what you’re saying”, I ask her.  Ya Ma you know stink.  Now I am really laughing and I said you mean fart not F you C K.  Now I have everyone in the house’s attention and they are all laughing and screaming Mom what are you saying….. It’s not me it’s your sister, she eats too many beans and F you C K’s, then Farts.  Hell I ask her if she knew what she was saying and she said “Yes”.  Well little Miss red face is now saying fart properly. Not that she should be screaming fart at me either but it was funny.

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