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Conversation with the dog.

I believe that many folks talk to and have conversations with inanimate objects or non-humans even one self. I can say I have had a few of these conversations myself, I don’t believe I would want anyone else to hear me, especially when I am talking to myself.  I am rather harsh on myself so by the time I’m worked up to the point I need to talk to myself I am rather miffed; using my outside voice in the, talking to, I give myself.  On occasion I have over heard others have these talks and find them strange to say the least.   
I happened on a conversation one of my girls was having with one of the dogs. It was taking place in the living room; she stood there with her hands on her hips looking down at the dog and the dog is sitting on the floor looking up at her with great interest.  Now this in its self was comical as the dog’s ears are straight up and his eyes open wide looking at her. She says “Joey everybody hates you” You no good and eat my underpants. You bark too much, you get into everything.  You need to eat the other girl’s underpants and stop eating poop. You make me mad. You play too hard and make too much noise. Joey is just sitting there hanging on every word as if he was enjoying the feedback from his human.  At this point I just go about my business and snicker to myself just thinking about this conversation. Then I hear her say “NO Joey I don’t want you on me” I stick my head back around the corner to see what’s up with the dog and find him trying to crawl under her blanket.  She says” NO Joey you to fat I can’t breathe when you get on me. Now Joey does not care what she is crying about he wants under the blanket, No is not an option.  As he nuzzles the blanket to get his head under it, she is moving over to accommodate him on the couch and pulling the blanket up for him; she is saying “no” the whole time. I am still snickering to myself and continuing on with my own things. I can still hear her but not paying any attention to her till I get ready to leave and go back down stairs, when I walk by the living room and see her talking to herself. I stopped and realized she has Joey wrapped like a little baby doll in the blankets and still telling him his behavior is not acceptable and no one likes him. I started to laugh and she looked up at me and I said “let me know how this works maybe I’ll try it on the other dogs”.

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