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What can your Ta Ta's do?

I had a meet up at the house this weekend 11 humans and 16 dogs it was great now my friend from CA linked up with us through her Ipad so we could party together.   We all talked and passed the Ipad around so she could see all the people and dogs, at one point I am holding the Ipad and we are talking and she says to me what dog are you holding. Now I looked down at my lap and got the deer eyes in the headlight look on my face and said I am not holding any dog then the light bulb lit up and I realize she was looking at my shirt.  Everyone broke out in laughter.  I am not sure the exact words she used but it had something to do with the curvature under my shirt that gave the picture that three dementional look of a real dog.  Who knew my ta ta's could bring a picture of a dog to life.

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