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Some times it sucks to be at the bottom of the pile

Sometimes it is the most comforting thing to sit or lay down with a big pile of little naked dogs hugged up to you.  Winters are some of the best times to experience this.  Now telling the dog that we have seasonal snuggling is impossible even if they understood language they would not obey.  There is a difference in when and who gets over heated, when they get over heated they crawl out from under the blankets or just leave; it is never a mass exodus, often it is just one of them. When I get over heated I have to evict all of them.  Somehow only a few inches of skin that is now unheated just don’t get it.  I want every source of heat off me at one time.   I get Iron infusion’s twice a year and one of the side effects is sweating, needless to say it does not take much for the water works to turn on.  Add a cup of hot coffee, 10 dogs and a little humidity and I can melt down in seconds. If I can get my coffee down without the pile of dogs I can get through the experience just a little on the damp side.  The way I see it is if the normal body temp of a dog is 101 to 102.5 times 10 dogs the melt down is unbelievable now add a hot flash and it is catastrophic.  Since it is impossible to sit and drink my coffee and catch the news before work without the pile of dogs, I can only hope it does not give me a power surge that sends me to the shower again.  I am now learning that I need to just deal with this problem in the summer and just drink eat and watch news before the shower.  Sometimes it sucks to be at the bottom of the pile.


  1. Oh my....doggie heaven;))) Maybe an ice pack will Ur too funny!

  2. Oh how my Mommy can relate to your post! And we're only 2 Doxie's strong over here butt toss that in with hot flashes ~ forget it! We get booted off real fast!

    Thanks so much for entering our Couch Potato Peeling Event. It's great to meet new furends and you've got some mighty cute little one's over there!

    Lily Belle

    1. Thank Lily we have fun with our human Couch peeling is an Olympic event at Damn Dog House