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Damn kids

Now that the shock of buying a tent camper has settled down I have been going over and over in my head trying to remember everything in hopes of helping myself,  but the truth of the matter is the only thing I can remember is two board out of their skull kids.  I was told to be prepared for a 5 hour appointment.  As they had to put trailer hitch on the van, teach us how to put it up and down, sign papers and in general just sit in the sales office.  I told the kids many times we will be there 5 hours so don’t bug me about going home or any other thing while we wait; and yes you must go to learn the operation of the camper along with me.  The first two hour sucked the kids went shopping in the parts department ate free popcorn and made a mess and looked at magazines.  I opted to just sit and watch people.  At one point I am really interested a couple looking at a camper.  Now he was vertically challenged and his wife was an inch taller. Their problem was the size of camper they were buying was the size of the coliseum and they were trying to fit the seat and peddles to his size.  I was in total amazement and watch with great interest as they worked with the mechanics on a solution to their problem.  The girls sat on the longer sofa bench and was picking at each other putting their feet on each other and throwing popcorn and acting like two 3 year olds. I look over to scold them and tell them to knock it off and one of them is rubbing a magazine all over her chest and arms.  What the hell are you doing?????
“Mom its perfume”,    “What’s perfume? You look ridiculous rubbing a magazine all over yourself”.  She then proceeds to show me the little strip of paper folded over on the edge of the page advertising the fragrance.  Are you kidding me, do you stink or something? It’s made to smell not rub your body with it,” “Will you two knock it off and clean up the mess you made, your mom does not work here”. About that time we are called back for some training. And hour and half goes by and then back to our waiting room.  Then we went to financing dept. to sign papers. Now they’re stuck in the corner and can’t move around so one goes to sleep, at first she lays her head on the desk and then she sits back and puts her feet on her sister and her lights went out.  The mechanic came back with a problem and we had to leave the office and head out to the shop.  As he is showing me the hitch and what the problem was, the youngest came up and stood next to me. I almost chocked as she had drew pictures all over her leg with an ink pen. When we left the shop I started  bitching about her drawing on herself and she looked at me like I was crazy. She said “What, I didn’t do anything”. “Then what do you call that on your leg”.   Then the other one starts to laugh.  She confesses to tattooing her while she was sleeping in the office sitting right next to me.  I never saw her and its half way up the damn leg. Now I would have laughed to if I was not on my last nerve and getting, waiting room grouchies.  Now the one with the ink tattoos is mad and trying to rub some of it off as we walk back to the office.  As we sat back in the office now they are taking scotch tape and sticking it on the tattoos and when they pull it off some of the ink comes with it. Then roll the tape in little balls and throw it at each other. GAWD, it was an endless wait with two board kids. I believe I have learned my lesson; board kids can drive a person right off the cliff of sanity.

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