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Weekend with dogs

My love for the breed Chinese Crested led me to an Internet site called Chinese Crested Crush it is a form started for people that love this breed.  For a very long time most owners found it hard to learn about this breed as they were not common.  We circle the globe and learned from each other about the breed.  Because of this we have become a fairly close group.  Many come and go but there is a core group that have become friends and we started a couple years ago getting together at different places across the country and the ocean.  We know each other and all our dogs and the meet ups
presented a great opportunity to meet each other in person.  Over the weekend I had a small group of us got together at the Damn Dog house.  We bring our dogs together and enjoy the day with a lot of Chinese Crested in one place being their goofy selves.  We had 11 humans and 17 dogs it was an absolute wonderful time.  My damn dogs were in true form even my new foster was in the damn dog groove; she drank from my glass of water at least 4 different times sending me in the house for a fresh glass. For what ever reason she did not want the dogs water we had out for them, when my glass was not being guarded she was right there to shove her head in it.  She even got it when I had it in my hand but not watching her.

They stole hot dogs right from the plate, they stole napkins and tore them up in the yard, took every opportunity to get into things . The BBQ was a huge draw. the drip cup was missing so the meat drippings fell to the ground and the dogs had a field day licking that up. One licked and the grease dripped on her head as she licked.  She even went after the grill brush

 Every Chinese Crested has a different amount of hair, they are grouped into three groups, true hairless, hairy hairless and powder puff. Some have spots some don't they come in different color and different texture of hair some curly some straight.  My favorite part of the the dogs is the butt and tail.  Now I am not a sick puppy I just think they are cute, so to have this many at one time I had to take butt shots.

Some butts are skinny,some are fat, some are muscular, some are lower than others

Some have spots and some don't

We had butts under butts.

There were young butts and old butts

We had naked tails
Piglet tail along with the contents of high jacked water glass.
Fresh chicken kill

And at the end we had some mighty tired dogs.  


  1. Hi,
    What a cool group! I have a Chinese Crested Powder Puff, I don't know if he would count in your group. But the crazy thing about him is I can't put a cup of water down without him drinking it. I don't know how many times I've had to replace the glass of water on the nightstand because Sketcher drank it! He also loves showers and garden hoses. BTW he always has a full, fresh water bowl, I guess that one is just for the dogs...

  2. Yes we love the PP also there is one is this group but he got shave down for summer