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How come the dogs don't like you anymore?

Saturday night Gertie was being a pain in the butt. She knew we had house guest and was not going to bed, the girls did not want her with them as we are all very tired from the long day of activities.  My house guest was planning on leaving early in the morning as they had a 9 hour drive.  So the girls took her to my room and they went to bed.  This determined little girl does not take NO lightly. Hell she does not take No at all.  She has a mind and it won't be change, redirected nor bribed.  She wants what she wants.  Now the fact that she knew there were others in a room she likes to sleep in, kept her determination focused and undeterred. I myself was very tired and at first I spent some time on the computer the whole time running up and grabbing the dog from the gate in hallway so she would not wake the others. I got out the Texas fly swatter and smack a couple times on the dresser leaving a big cracking echo in the basement guaranteed to wake the dead and she did not flinch and just hiked her butt over the gate in my room and ran like hell. I ran up got her and took her back to my room and put her on the bed and scolded her as if that might help in some way other than listening to myself talk. Before I got turn around and took two steps she bounded off the bed and ran to the gate and scurried over and was at the top of the stairs at the other gate before I could say "you damn dog get back here". Now yelling will have the same effect as her scratching on the gate at the top of the stairs or whining and barking at the gate; everyone is going to be woke up from the noise. I tried everything in my little bag of tricks to keep her in my room.  I ended up ready to kill her, just snap her little neck like a toothpick; so I gave up on my work and went to bed and held her.  This worked all of  10 minutes, as I started to drift off she must have felt my grip loosen and she would start to creep off, it would wake me; I grabbed her brought her back to an optimal gripping position and we would start all over. Now this went on for over an hour she even managed to get to the top of the stairs a couple of time because sleep was all I wanted and waking got harder every time.  I even took the hooligan boys out of the kennel and put her in there. All I got from that one was her screaming and hooligans began to get rowdy and jumping all over the other dogs and now everyone is pissed. I was at the end of my rope that was going to be hers soon; when she finally gave it up I think she could feel her impending death and fell asleep.  We got up early to see our guest off and then the girls left to visit friend. I settled in to catch up on a few things and even got a little nap in before evening and the return of the kids and nightly turmoil getting ready for the next day. I so wanted to sit and post picture and blog later in the evening, but the kids started in about they were going to bed and they did not want the dogs so they put them in my room, again.  Now I did have a few choice words to say about this, OH HELL NO, you made this dog this way you take her to your room I have no patients for this again tonight. You spoiled her, you deal with her.  Mom, how come the dogs don't like you anymore? I don't know and don't care as long as I have some peace and quiet tonight.  The kids left the dogs and first thing Gertrude did was shimmies up and over the gate and right behind her is the new foster. Now her shimmy was not as graceful as she had just learned it and I knew it was only a matter of a couple more times and she was going to be a pro. Now the hooligan boys are jumping on the gate and whining.  Alright you girls get those dogs and take them to your room before I kill all of you.  I got one more line wrote when they came back with the dogs and put them back in my room.  The older girl pipes up and says "Mom I’m going to make the dogs like you again" and then I heard the sound of something hitting the floor.  I looked up and chaos erupts in the middle of the floor as she starts throwing dog treats in my room. Well it’s hard to be mad when you’re laughing.  But Gertrude did sleep with her that night.


  1. Your posts always make me laugh, Sue!

  2. That's way too funny! Mommy is enjoying reading your blog and getting to know you and your pack.

    Lily Belle