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It's not crystal meth.

I had no idea that HALLS cough drops are so addicting.  They need regulating at my house, I mean it’s a cough drop not crystal meth, what the hell is wrong with my dogs and kids.  I take medication that dries my mouth out and to drink water helps but as soon as I swallow I am dry again. I discovered a while back when I had a cold that the Halls help relieve this for a longer period of time.  So I have them in the car, at work and at home.  The Halls at home disappears quick, for a long time I thought it was the dogs getting them all so now I try to keep them up high and away from them.  But the kids think they are candy and unfortunately I cannot put them up high enough to keep'em out of them.  So I have taken on this challenge of keeping my Halls hidden from the kids and the dogs.
Last night we went food shopping and I picked up two bags of the Halls one for work and one for home.  Getting the groceries and ourselves into the house with 9 overly excited dog that need to know what is in every bag; can and is a challenge.  Not to mention putting it all away before the little opportunist can get their chops on something, the grab and run technique is often profitable for them as they are so quick they can do it right in front of us and we never see it. Okay so much for the donuts for breakfast, ya Damn Dogs. They work as a team even though they think they are not. One grabs and runs with 8 plus in hot pursuit of the lucky dog, to stop now is to lose ones spoils of war. Last night, not being any different from any other groceries day, the girls are putting it away quickly and chasing dogs away all in one swift motion. As quick as a couple of bags are emptied they grab a couple more off the floor; away from the little basters with their heads buried deep in the middle of the bag.  In the commotion my Halls get dump on the kitchen table. Two of the girls are whispering and giggling, this behavior is catching my attention because I know they're up to something. I pretend to ignore them and go on with my task at hand.  The giggling is getting out of control so I said” What’s going you two” “Nothing”, of course what a silly question to ask, I have my eye on you two.  As the girls finish putting things away and I head for my room: The giggles have turned into outright laughing. I turned and said to them, “I have no idea what you two are up to but tonight is not a good night to piss me off, just a heads up” I then went to my room.  I can hear the rustling of a bag and the toenails of a dog, then a burst of laughter.  In between the laughter I hear, Cabot! And more side splitting laughter.  I yelled “What the Hell is going on up there”???????  One of the girls is laughing so hard she can’t even talk and is trying to tell me Cabot got the bag of Halls and opened it.  Now this is not my first Rodeo and I know the smell of deceit and plotting going on.  The bag is clearly much lighter than when it was purchased, Okay, I know you two think your cute getting the dog to open the bag so you can eat the Halls.  “Are you kidding me? Do I have STUPID wrote across my forehead.” Ya Damn Kids I’m not sure who is worse the kids or the dogs     

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