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I want a six pack.

When the kids first came they all go through the, I hate American food stage. This can last up to a year but in the mean time they find one thing they like and eat the devil out of that food. As there taste starts to change the amount of food does not.  Well we all know how quick a person can pack on the weight if they are nonstop eaters.  I have told them they will not be able to eat like this their whole life because our food is not the healthiest. We pump our animal full of all kinds of things and our food supply is developed to yield high quantities with low maintenance.  And most of us just have no way to buy meat and veggies that are not genetically or chemically altered in some way.  Our culture has change and we all want instant results and we try to make our days have more hours than is possible. This life style we have created for ourselves leave us with no time to eat healthy.  Now after all these years they are starting to see the results of the abundance of good tasting unhealthy food.  Now I cannot say I am any better, so yes I am getting a muffin top and hate it.  The girls are not that bad yet but the tight skin they were so used to is not so tight any more.  So they sit down and pinch their little guts and say things like, I need to work on my six pack, or Mom look at my fat. Now they are not any bigger than a minute but somewhere along the line the belly skin is not as tight as a drum anymore. I crack up every time I hear them talking about six packs.  I have not told them that girls don't want six packs that's a guy thing, they go for walks and do sit ups and whatever than can think of to have that flat drum tight tummy.  I don't say anything I don't want to discourage them but doing three sit ups and dropping to the floor in total exhaustion is not going to get them anywhere. I figure they will get it soon or later.  The whole teenage body image..... GAWD if you spend half as much time on your studies, as you do worrying about your dough boy bellies you would be Einstein.
A couple of nights ago we are all in the kitchen getting something to eat and one of the girls is sitting in the window sill. I was sitting on the bench counter next to her.  We are all yacking when I notice out of the corner of my eye, the girl in the window slouch forward until all ten of her fat cells are smooched together in the front of her like a wash cloth rolled up and place on her belly. Now I see her pinch it then take the side of her left hand and run it across her stomach making a crease in her little roll.  She now has two little hotdog size rolls. Again she is pinching and mashing on the little hotdog size rolls, when without hesitation she pulls out the waist band on her shorts and tucks them under the waistband as if to hide them. Now this is way more than I can take and I start laughing and asking" what the hell are doing"? Ma I hate this fat I want to have a six pack, I got my laughter under control and told her she look like a baby Michelin Man, but I still have not revealed the fact that a 6 pack is how they sell beer or a man’s abdomen. I will save that one for later.

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  1. All ten of her fat cells, ha ha ha! Hilarious!