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Box of Smiles

We received a box of smiles but I must start at the beginning so my readers will understand the box of smiles.  It started with this blog   and then there was this blog and the mention of socks though out many of the blogs started this.  It appears that Colleen a friend has enjoyed the sock/underwear problems at the Damn Dog house: she just could not help herself in sending the said box of smiles.  She has quite the sense of humor which we here all enjoy a good laugh.
Last night the plumber is coming by to fix the many leaks and drips we have here and put a few door knobs back on and reattach the door that Gertie has body slammed to death.  I knew he was coming right at the time I would reach home after work. Now as all women are always prepared for company, I raced home to straighten up before he came. I ran in barking orders at the girls and all they could say is Mom you have a box. They proceed to nag me about opening the box.  I had no intention of being deterred from my chosen course of actions that needed to be done. The Plumber arrived and started on fixing things.  Then he realizes that his tool that he needs is missing, and I decided that he could fix one more door knob while he was there.  So he could keep working he sent me to hardware store. This was a short trip but one I did not want to make, anything to keep charges to a minimum.  I get back and I then decide that while he is there can he figure out how to change the florescent light in the kitchen as I can’t even get the top off the fixture to change it myself.  Well off to the store again as I have no florescent tub light in the house. Time just kept marching on and we are all getting hungry and we cannot cook or warm up anything because the sink is now in parts and tools spread about the kitchen. The girls bugged me one more time about the box and then went to watch Korean soaps. Dogs are penned in the living room wining because they want in the kitchen with me.  I am ready to start gnawing on something, dog, kid, chair leg, I didn’t care I was so hungry and it is close to 8 PM and lunch was gone a long time ago. So to take my mind off my stomach I grabbed a knife and went into the other room to open the box.    I saw the sender and was totally confused at why she was sending me this big box. The first thought is she wants jammies made from some awesome fabric she found and winter is over????? I cut the tape and pulled one flap up and saw the socks and fell out laughing.  I knew at once where this was going.  The girls start in yelling what so funny, what’s in the box Mom.  Now I cannot stop laughing to tell them they just got a gazillion socks and none were matched up. The girls cannot stand it when I laugh and won’t stop, so they surround the box and start yanking out sock, saying “what the heck is this”?  Now I have gained some sort of composure and started telling them that this was a joke because Mom is always blogging about socks and underwear problems. The girls are realizing quickly the cute socks are on the bottom and hey there are some goodies in there to. Now they are trying to open the other flap chaos was starting to take over when I grab the box and emptied the contents out on the floor.  They screamed and scrambled to get the best socks. One was in the bathroom when the commotion broke out and then I turn to grab the camera and there the plumber stands with doe eyes in the headlight look.  I started laughing all over again. When the fourth kid comes out she starts yelling hey I want some socks and she jumps in.  I ask L. to show me here stash she was protecting in her lap and when the missing kid saw it she jumped her and now the dogs are in the mix and the plumber is just standing there laughing.  I looked at him and said “what you never saw girls fighting over socks”. Now when one girl realized she had one sock and someone else had the other the negations started.  As they are yanking off the dirty socks to put on their new ones the dogs are opportunists and this was turning into a cha ching moment and they started picking off the dirty sock and running like hell to the basement.  Now I have kids and dogs everywhere.  While I am waiting for the girls to come back I see a card in the bottom of the box and grab it. It says. “Have a smile today”.  When the girls got back and I wanted to take pictures of them in their new sock, I realize not all the dogs had their sights set on dirty socks; some had targeted the goodies that were in the box.  Hershey kisses, dog biscuits, dogs and kids with new socks was all it took to take my mind off my stomach. Hell the plumber even cute me a break on the bill for a good laugh and some dog slobbered Hershey kisses. Well I am hopping the girls did not give him the dog slobbered ones but knowing kids they aren’t going to eat them.   Colleen Thanks for a good joke on us it was truly an unexpected surprise we all enjoyed and it brought more than smiles.

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