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Be careful what you ask for...

I was raised back in the day when women wore their badge of honor on the cloths line for all to see.  We scrubbed all those whites till they shined.  And don’t even think of hanging cloths out to dry if they were dull, grey, or just plain not bright and white.  We were taught that white socks that got black from no shoes or dirty shoes, you did not wash them with the other whites as the dirt would spread to the white cloths and sheets making them dull.  Socks where washed in a tub of soapy bleach water and scrubbed on the board twice.  Now I am sure this seems a little over the top, but back in the day my Mom was so proud of her laundry and we could not bring shame to the laundry that hung out for the world and neighbors to see.  I had this engrained into my head,  now that I don’t hang things out nor do I wash the sock separate from other whites I still need to have all my whites, White.  So letting kids do the laundry is scary to me, because most of my clothes are older than them.  I go shopping one time a year and try to extend that to every two or three years.  I would rather have open heart surgery than go shopping, so I do all the laundry so no one messes up any of my cloths. 
My mornings are the same, put dogs out, use the facilities take cloths out of washer put them in dryer.  Put another load in washer then let dogs in, make coffee and unload dishwasher while waiting on coffee and toast.  So far I have been able to keep up with the laundry but now with 6 full time people and 1 part time person in the house I have not been able to catch up with the laundry and I am getting swallowed up in it.  My laundry room is almost as big as my old house so room is not a problem it’s the mountain of laundry that finds its way to basement.  I started doing two loads a day and it seems to be getting worse not better.   I only wash the cloths I do not put them in the laundry room nor do I take them out.  After they are done I fold them and put them on this big table in the laundry room. The girls have to come down sort through them and get theirs, of course if it’s not their cloths they just heap them in another pile till the next girl come down and she will again sort through the pile and move the other cloths to another pile as she sorts.  The cloths on the table go from a neat pile to a heap of moving waded up bundle of unrecognizable cloth.  Yelling does not faze them or any of the other things I could think of to correct this problem.  They are always complaining about something missing.  My answer is you bring it in here you take it out, I only wash them.  Now I find that the moving pile on the table will disappear every now and again when the law is laid out, no one leaves this house till all the clean clothes are taken to your rooms. This is the time when the, I can’t find my stuff, starts.  They all wear each other’s cloth’s, they call it shopping, in someone else’s room. Even on trips they shop in each other’s suitcase.  I have no idea whose cloths are whose.  I tell them don’t take single socks only take them in pairs so we can find lost socks.  This works now I have a basket full of lonely socks and no one knows whose sock belong to who, so many of the pairs of socks just keep moving around the table in the moving heap till the heap disappears, so all can go on their marry ways.  Now it’s easier to have mom buy new socks instead of looking for the lost ones or checking out each other’s rooms.  We now have a new rule you will all go bare foot before I buy any more socks.     I have to admit we need to be careful what we ask for, because we just might get it.    I now have a basket full of sock to match the basket of lonely ones.  Now as they cleaned their rooms looking for said socks they found a lot of other cloths that have been under things, in things, behind things and we now don’t know if they’re dirty or not so it all goes to the basement all 5 rooms of the stuff.  The mountain of dirty cloths is now as big as Everest. 
Thursday we had snow storm 8 plus inches then it rained all weekend now I have 4 inches of water in the laundry room and Mt Everest in the middle of it all.  So much for white cloths being white now, the bleeding going on in that pile, will take more than a surgeon to stop it.  But they found the socks.

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