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My Parting thoughts

It’s always a treat to come home after work and find the girl deeply engrossed in Korean soaps.  I have lost my humor over the whole thing as I never get to sit in my own living room and watch TV.  I know my Big Dog of the house title dose trump their omega pack status, I always feel like a meanie going in and taking over the remote.  I just go to my room, the basement, and watch my 13 inch screen TV.  It’s not until I reemerge from the depths of the house that I catch a humorous moment coming from them in the living room.    
I came up from my room and three of them are lined up on the sofa sitting on the edge, elbow to elbow and the other one is in the chair next to the sofa and they are all eating ice cream and watching Korean soaps with all of the dogs sitting in front of them hoping for a taste.  Now the only person in the house who understands Korean is the exchange student.  She does not watch them like my girls so most of the time I am yelling “turn that down, you read the sub titles, what the hell”. I truly do not understand why the volume is so loud when they are reading.  They tell me they want to hear it. Whatever!   But this day she is in the middle of the drama with the rest and I hear her say “You know this is perfect Korean and I understand every word but I am reading the sub titles to”.  Every one breaks out in laughter.  Then out of left field come one of them and she says “I like my ice cream in a bowl”. Then another one chimes in “I like my ice cream in a cup”. And without changing the momentum of the of the ice cream going into her mouth and her eye never left the screen the exchange student says “I don’t care what my ice cream is in I just eat it”.     My parting thoughts as I left the room is Holy cow they look like freeking robots sitting there glued to the TV eating ice cream in unison. What the hell is next, will their heads start spinning around as they spew green stuff?  


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