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Make the problem go away

With our big house comes lots of work. Now the kids all agreed to help with the chores as they are way more than one or two people can keep up with. I am real sure they did not think they would be as big as they are.  The small house one hour and work was done here one hour and we are just about to start the work.  Some times coaxing dose not work so I have to give intensive. And then sit back and watch the results. 
Leaves can and do become problematic; I do not want to solve the problem I want it taken care of.  So the problems are half acre of leaves and house full of kids that want to go to the mall. You make them go away and you can go to the mall. Now I had to video the results as I was not sure how this would happen. It took some thinking out side the box, I'm not sure I agree with the results but they did what I said and the leaves were gone.......

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