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Nose art and cleaning the frig

As refrigerators go I guess ours is average, I got the biggest I could afford because of the size required to hold  tonnage. We are self eaters, self cookers, and everyone has different taste.  My food bill every week is unimaginable. I hate to take the kids with me when I go to the market.  Hell I hate to go to the market. But with them I think I rather have a root canal than go with them. We end up with so much stuff in the frig I have to watch for science projects that start growing in the back. The kids are all teenage and completely innocent of any wrong doing until they get busted in the middle of the crime. To night was no different.  One of the older girls had senior skip day today and the mean mom that I am, tell her you skip you stay home, No hanging out with other kids. So she stayed home and cleaned the house and napped it did seem better than a day at school in her eyes. We had a power outage in the city and we were all sent home at 2:30 so when I get home the excitement level in the house is starting to raise as the other girls are getting home at about the same time I am. Not long after the,why questions, that seemed to be agonizing; just how do you explain electricity and why the TV does not work. Things we take for granted and have grown up with can really test my brain cells when you're trying to explain things in a different language. The power did come back in the nick of time as I was about to go off the deep end with, why.   I am now left in the kitchen with my senior skip day kid when she notices the window that was displaying, some rather good dog nose art, and screamed what the hell mom I just cleaned that window. Ya I didn't do it the dogs did. She says "how do they do that mom" and she sticks her face close to the window and pretends to lick it like the dogs would, and says "like this mom". I am rather use to the sign language that goes on her so I laughed at her and said "no they use their nose". How do they do that? as she grabs Gertrude and takes her nose and rubs it on the glass. Now this was just a little more than I was prepared for and I started laughing and she looks close at the glass and there is a big wet nose smear across the glass. EEEEEWWWWWW I'm never going to clean that window again that's gross, Mom. Not as gross as you rubbing her nose on it. She heads to the frig and says "Mom you want to eat water melon out side with me"? I said"ya, if I don't have to cut it. Now we are just chit chatting and she is working on the melon and the dogs are being a pain getting under foot.  She takes one half and puts plastic wrap on it and tries to put in the frig.  When I hear her say"Ah Ohhhh, it's OK it didn't get in your food".  I see her grab a bowl and take it to the sink and grab the sponge. I said "what did you do"? Is that my soup? She laughed and said it spilled when she put the melon in and it got on my left over dinner but it has plastic wrap and she can clean it off. I looked away for just a moment and when I looked back she had Gertrude and was holding her up so she could lick the soup that is now running down to the third shelf. What the Hell are you doing?  I'm letting Gertrude help me. Here Gertie get that one.  Get the dog out of the refrigerators, are you kidding me. Ya Mom she likes it and cleans good. Now its hard to get mad when your laughing. It was the sight of her holding the dog up so she could lick the frig that kept me laughing. OK, make sure you wash that and the window. There are some things that I am just not expecting to happen, and all I can do is laugh, now I also will not look at the food inside the frig the same and will want to sanitizes it before I eat it.

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