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Mom you owe me underwear.

Over the past few years there have been a few undies lost to dogs as chew toys.  Now the girls are good about not leaving cloths lay around but the dogs are masters at sneaking into the laundry room every time the door is opened.  It is usually the grab and run ploy, because we never see them but we always find the evidence, in the back yard on the picnic table behind the couch all the usual places.   Recently we took in three new foster dogs that all have  pantie fetishes.  One of the girls brings her chewed up panties to the kitchen and demands that I buy her more because the dogs have eaten all of hers. I said, "no I don't owe you the dogs do I did not eat them.  Ya Mom but they're your dogs.  Got a point there but I am not buy new undies keep the door shut down stairs.  Now a couple pair were so chewed that the center panel was totally gone. Just a little fabric hanging from an elastic waistband.  But I did not budge on buy new ones. After a fashion  the argument of who owed who new undies went to the way side and I totally forgot about them.
Its vacation time with out the dogs this year so I wanted to stay in a nice hotel while in DC.  I spent a lot of time bidding on Price line looking for a cheap 4 star hotel,. I was about to give up and look for Motel 6 when my bid went through.  All I can say is the hotel is one of the high lights of this trip. I have to keep reminding the girls we are not rich and don't get use to this kind of extravagance. The girls are all in the fairy tale land of look at me I am rich. All I hear is we can't wear this or that because we won't look rich.  Holly Cow Batman your not so get over it.  Now the panties are coming back to haunt me, As one of the girls come out of the bathroom wearing a pair of undies that looks like they were shot with a shot gun using buck shot, and says MOM! How can I wear these underpants in this hotel. The fact that she was serious was as funny as the pants on her looked. I said"Don't get in an accident and no one will know."

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