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The damn dog bit me "Three times"

In all my years of working with and having dog which if most of 59 years, I have not been bitten till just before Mothers day this year, was my first.  It started right as I turned the car off.  The door to the house was open and all the damn dogs are outside barking and screaming and jumping around in the frantic MOMS home way dogs do.   When I heard the sounds of kill, coming from the middle of the mass of excited dogs.  I dropped my stuff and ran to stop the fight, could not get the gate open my panic rose as all I could think of was the foster dog getting hurt.  One of the foster and one of mine own dogs are highly competitive Alpha males and when the excitement level of the pack goes up they tear into one another.  So they are not allow to go outside at the same time or be alone at home without humans around. Kids being kids they leave the door open so the dogs can run in and out at will.  And I show up. then all hell broke loose. Now, how I handle dog fights is to grab both offending dog by the jammies at the same time and suspend them in mid air till the snarling snapping mouths stop.  Then separate till calm.  Well that time my dog was naked so I could only grab one.  First mistake, l grabbed the one with jammies, my own dog being was naked,  may I add  he can reach shoulder high levels when he jumps, was then able to leap into the air to grab at the foster dog in my arms. Of course my arm is between the two of them when my dog lept to grab the foster and got my arm instead.  I now know what it feels like to be skinned .  He caught just enough skin and hung tight till it peeled back a 50 cent size piece of skin.  So now I have officially been skinned.  I was left stunned, standing there yelling "you bit me" .  The blood just kept coming no way a Dr could do anything ,the dog swallowed the skin, so no putting it back no graphs, just deal with it.  Well then I had my next new experience,the girls got to play nurse. I can say this,  what I felt when they poured the alcohol over the hole took me to a new dimension  in pain. 
I survived and thought I won't do that again. 
Now I have made sure everyone  interested in my foster knows he is a great snuggle bug but he is an Alpha that will not live well with another alpha dog in the home.  This has left the adoption pool pretty lean for him as most want a second dog and have no idea what there first dog is. I was beside my self when a potential adopter wanted to come meet him and they did not have another dogs so he would be the only dog. It was a normal day warm and sunny I was outside playing with the dog when the potential adopter arrived.  They were informed of my dog and the foster but I am sure they did not think they would witness this alpha exchange.  They got out of the car came up to the fence all the dogs went crazy COMPANY'S HERE!!!!!!  When I heard the sound that made me turn on my heals to pull the two dogs apart. Again I am thinking save the foster his new  home was watching. When my shoulder high leaping dog nailed me again. I could have won an Oscar for my performance. I laughed it off and tried to make light of the whole ordeal and we went into the house and sat for awhile and chatted.  All I wanted to do is pull up my sleeve and assess the damage to my arm, It was hurting like hell now and I resisted the the urge to rub or grab at it in anyway.  I did not want the potential adopter to know I was hurt.  As I look back , it did not matter I still have the foster.
The bruise was way bigger this time than the tooth mark almost no blood and healed rather quickly.  Again,  I told myself, I will not do that again.  

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