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I think my problem started the night before, when all the girls decided  to wait till morning to take their showers.  We planed to leave about 10:30 to drive down and pick up my oldest daughter at college and start our vacation
We all hung out in bed just a little long because we did not have to get 10 dogs ready for the trip as they were staying home with the house/dog sitter.  The mayhem then started as the bathrooms filled up with girls starting their new careers in the shower. We have three showers but the one in the basement has never been used since we moved in.  No one has found it necessary to use the KOA camping shower down there and I was not about to be the first so I waited like a good Mom.. The wait seemed endless as time was ticking away and I did not want to miss the meeting time with my daughter. As the last girl left I ran in and jumped in the shower only to find cold water.  They drained the hot water.   So I decided to clean the shower door while I waited for hot water.  As quick as I finished I slipped off my big rubber gloves and tossed them under the sink when the door flew open. The first kid just starts laughing and covers her face.  Hey! I yelled. She came back with I didn't think you were still in here. "Beat it" I said, and jumped in the shower.  Thinking the whole time glad I did not have to explain being naked with rubber gloves on.  The show was still cold but doable.  I then realized the shampoo and conditioner was packed now and I"m dripping wet.  I yelled out for someone to bring them back so I could finish when the door flew open again now I have a kid giving me a phone.  I said " I'm taking a show do you all mind." As she is standing there insisting I take the phone the next kid came with the shampoo and conditioner. The girl with the phone says "Mom it's Beatriz"  OK now I need to find out if something has changed with our meeting time. As I'm standing there naked and dripping talking on the phone the next kid comes. Beatriz is just calling to let me know she will be ready at the meeting time and place.  OK! I yelled I'm trying to take a show and all the kids are in the bathroom and I am naked and dripping. Now I shoved the phone back at one of them yelled at the rest to get out. I finally finished my show and was toweling off when yet another girl rushes through the door.  Now she is totally embarrassed, she is bowing and lowering her head like she just got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. I said" don't worry mine is just a lot older than yours." now the youngest is back and want to check her hair and face in the mirror.  I yelled" are you kidding me I am naked get the hell out of the bathroom."  I was almost finished dressing when one came back looking for lotion. I gave her the lotion on the sink and said "Get OUT."  She replied I don't like that lotion.  Why? because it toilet lotion  What are you talking about? See Mom it says Toilet Moisturizing.  Well now I am almost on the floor laughing because in the past the lotion diapered at an alarming rate to make me think they were drinking the stuff.  Now I know why this lotion has been in there a month..  Through my tears and bouts of manic laughter I said " It says Total Moisturizing not Toilet.  When the door comes open again and now someone wants to know what is funny. GET OUT ! As I composed myself I yelled out the door one last time "does anyone else need to see me naked before I get dressed." 


  1. OMG I'm in stitches here, the phrase "is nothing sacred!" Springs to mind lol. I'm glad you managed to eventually get your shower if a tad interrupted lol

  2. You always make me laugh but this has got to be one of the funniest. I have tears in my eyes laughing.

  3. 😹 Too funny! When you come visit in Mexico, I'll make sure you have your own bathroom with hot water, soap, shampoo, conditioner, and towels.