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Holiday Photo shoot

Every year we do the annual family Christmas photo.  Most years I worry about how many dogs we will have and will there be enough arms to hold all of them.  The vet techs at the university do these pet photos every year as a fund raiser. Last year they joked if you have more dogs you will need more people next year, as every year the photo grows. Everyone two legged and four legged are in the photo. The dogs all get holiday jammies to wear and the humans just want to look cute.  So this year the number of dogs stayed at 10 but the humans grew to 8.  Now getting all the dogs and all the kids to do the same thing at the same time is often a real work of art. You really have to start thinking out of the box to get this all done in the click of a shutter.  It often takes many shots to get just one. This year I did not anticipate the human side of this.  Every kids is thinking they are a fashion model with all the run way looks they can come up with.  Now I do not believe the the models selling sex or who know what in there photos would use the same look in a family photo, but with 7 girls they all think this is their shot to the big time so do it right. Kids!  Well the dogs was the least of my worries this year.  We had every kind of look, from choke hold on the dog to demonic possession.  So that being said we are home with our password to the photo shoot and the as we click through our choices  no two kids like the same picture.  Everyone of them was more worried about how cute they looked and it did not matter what the other 7 people and 10 dogs looked like. The mood went from excitement to, well lets just say ice queens laying down a thick cover of frost over the room, I knew that before this broke out into frosty hell I needed to think quick or suffer later.  I took three of the girls to my room on the computer and one by one ask them which picture they like and wanted.  I saved them all with their name on them and sent them to their e-mail addresses so they could save, post, print or hang on the wall for dart practice.  Now the decisions as to which poss would hang on the wall for all to see is still in debate.  Some of the girls went off in their own direction some stayed to argue the point and some just ate lunch.  I snuck to my room and made my choice as to what picture will adorn the wall of the Damn Dog house.  I ordered a large one for the wall and 7 smaller prints to give to all the girls Short of hanging 7 different posses of the same holiday picture on the wall and having them mad at me for not picking their poss, the later of the two seemed a much easier solution. I might add that one of the dog is the sexiest one in the photo with her bare belly and naked stuff held up for all to see.

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  1. Sue, I am so blessed to have met a rescue partner.....a person that has the same passion and desire to these sweet souls that I have. You are a true inspiration to me, and I love you for all that you do for these animals. RESCUE ON.....

    Denise Rose
    New Hope Pet Rescue