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Damn Dog vacation is over and I'm alive.....

 This is an old post from this past summer that I wrote in a  form I am in.  I thought I would post it here also.

Well we are back from our Damn Dog vacation. 7dog 4kids and camping supplies for a week in a minivan. We went to Beaver Island in Lake Michigan. It is a little over 2 hours on the ferry to get there. I was a little worried about taking all the dogs on the ferry because we are only allow on the top deck out side with the dogs. They done great most folks just watched us march on the boat with dogs in tow, with a wide range of remarks as we walk by. I spent most of my time explaining what kind of dogs they were or why I would take so many camping. LOL My new girl has not been tent camping before so was not sure how it all took place. All was fine till the second morning when the temp dropped to the low 50's and it was raining. Wind blowing and no one wanted to get up out of there warm sleeping bags. Unlike the humans who can simply sleep away the need to pee the dogs could not. My tent has a doggy door , I am sure that is not what the little zippered door on the floor is for but it's what we use it for. anyway one by one they went out to pee, the ones that I knew would come right back I just let them go. the ones that I did not trust I put the leash on them and stuck my arm out the door while keeping the rest of myself warm and snug as a bug. All went well or so I thought..... Willy the foster dog did not pee he just went out got wet and came back in to get warm again. He was restless and went from one sleeping bag to another while the human in the bag yell " lay down Willy" He ended up in my new daughters bag in the back of the tent when he finally let the water works go. She yelled Mom he is peeing on my bag. I said pick him up and put him out. Well she picked him up and his bladder was mighty full and he kept right on pee as she held him in her out reach arms and passed him back and forth in front of herself and yelled. The others all got a golden shower, heads, blankets sleeping bag and pillow all got it. When the golden shower continued she turned him upside down and held him while she tried to get up and it just kept coming as it arced over his belly and ran down his chest dripping back on her, with a look of OMGawd I can't stop on Willy's face. The laughter and screaming could be heard for miles. I laughed till I thought I would pee, I made it out of the tent and through the woods to the out house in the nick of time. As I went to open the door I realize I had all the dog following me like the pied piper. If I went in and left them in the cold rain who knows where they would go or end up as a coyote snack. So I am doing the pee pee dance as I am trying to get all of them in the out house. Well as I am sitting there feeling relief I looked down and saw all those little faces staring back at me and the mental image of what this must look like set me off into another bout of manic laughter. When I got back to camp the girls were spraying their hair with fabreze to get the pee smell out of there hair and blankets. I started to laugh again when one said Mom what were you doing in the bathroom with all the dogs we could here you all the way back here. I physically got sick from laughing so much. Needless to say that was the end of sleeping in on a cold morning in a tent.

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