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With 10 or 12 dogs someone is not always going to be happy.   One minute it just sweet bliss two dogs sitting on the couch licking each other eyes rolled back in their  heads and totally unaware of their surroundings.  A couple on the floor chewing nylabones, the rest snuggled here and there on some ones lap or under a blanket.  But there is always one that is in the window watching for any movement outside. With one bark the entire house goes ballistic.  They run like hell acting as if they will get the unknown intruder, not knowing where this intruder may be they must run from door to door window to window in grand pursuit slipping and sliding on the laminate floors crashing into each other. Snarling and snapping at each other to get out of there way so they can get the intruder first. The whole while the human life in the house is in unison, yelling, “SHUT UP” to the top of our lungs.  By the time they figure out that there is no intruder and it is a false alarm and the ringing stops in our ears, they all go back to doing whatever someone else was doing.  Now there has been a shift change of who is chewing, who is snuggling and who was licking who.  Our ears are just now readjusting to the volume on the TV and one decides that someone is in his lap so there is a little power struggle over who gets the top of the pile or closest to the face attached to the body they are sitting on, with this starts the grumbling. Then there is an argument over the nylabones, hey the longer one you can hold while chewing, but the short one you can put in your mouth and chew as you walk, and neither dog has the one they want, again with the grumbles.  Now some like to lick and some like to be licked and the two should not switch or more grumbling.  Now when the gerrrrrs, and hell I can’t even spell the sound that they make when unhappy with each other, gets going the volume starts going up again.  So it takes a little while to get each group calmed down and settled back down to their desired activity. And Bliss begins again; the Satellite is run back so the humans can catch what they missed on TV when the false alarm went off.  All have forgotten the lone dog in the window, waiting looking for any movement to alert the others of. Then it comes, the intruder alert bark that sets it all in motion again.  Damn Dogs.

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