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Don't ask for the key to the bathroom....

Our morning started with out incident, we were on track leaving the hotel by 8AM was shocking, so now I think this is a good omen.. The girls were about to enter the subway and have there first new experience of the day. When a case of nervous nerve hit all at the same time.What happens if I can't breath down there? What happens if the trains crash?  What happen if there is an earthquake while we are on the train?  By the time I got them down stairs and we spent 20 min trying to buy tickets they had all calmed down till we walked around the corner and the hug 2or 3 story escalator stood looming at them.  There was so much air sucking going on that it was hard to tell if it was the girls or the trains.  It took a little coaxing to get them going down the thing but then they all grabbed on to me like I was a support pillar in their fear based nonsensical behavior they almost dragged me down like the lionesses prey.  I was about to beat them all to the bottom when I caught myself and hung on for dear life. Ok now my good omen seems to be fading a little but still not all that bad. The train ride went well after that no problems. We have tickets for a Hop-on-Hop-off tour bus and we are on our way to get on when the pain of no breakfast started calling me. Mom we're hungry we want to eat before we start.  I was hoping to find something along the way but oh well let see what we can find around here.  Now I can't say I would recommend Ollie's Trolly but it looked like it fit my pocket book and they were open for breakfast.  The folks running the place added one more language to our mix ordering for 7 started to get frustrating for them and all the other customers waiting to place their orders.  We are truly the people you hate to get behind in any line. Not only did we drive them nuts they got our order mixed up and now the wining has started.  Again they must have never cooked breakfast for 7 at the same time because they doled it out two plates at a time then screwed it up.Breakfast in a, put your order in at the counter and when its done they call out your order number and go back to the counter to pick it up, made me feel.. like they owed me some frequent walker miles. Over an hour later I want to get out of the place.  Now the potty.  One by one they would go off to find the bathroom and come back 5 or 10 minutes later.  I am thinking they are using the facilities the timing seem right for this function.  I saw what I thought was the pee pee dance out of a couple of them but dismissed it as I imagined it.  Then I see a couple of repeat trips and start to question why.  One says "you need a key, well go ask for it.  No Mom. I can't ask for it,  What! are you kidding me.  No, Mom it says Don't ask for the key to the bathroom..  What I seen several people going in and out of there.  But Its locked.  I know go ask for the key.  On the door it says don't ask for the key workers only.  I said "No its a restaurant and they have to have a bathroom for customers."  Go back and read what it says word for word.  Now it is important to be right and there is group mentality of, if more than one of us are right than I must be wrong. So off they go to show me who is right.  They come back and say,"Customers Only, don't ask for the key. Ya, do you know what a customer is?   No.  Oh for heavens sakes it you, You are the customer the people who buy there food. Go ask for the key....  Seven people in a one seater was way more agonizing time to spend in this place than I ever want to.  As we are walking out I turned to the girls and said "So does this mean we aren't eating here tomorrow.  I think I may have caught a glimpse of the finger when they all attacked me for my sarcasm.

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