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Half and Half shooters

 The kids and I found a quaint little restaurant to eat at.  There was lots of folks there eating and had all the charm of a country kitchen.  They had little Lazy Susan's in the middle of all the tables filled with condiment of all kinds.  Now this is something of great interest for the kids and the playing began. They spun it to the right, they spun it to the left, they spun it till condiments started flying off. The kids was having a good old time. I finally intervened and told them to knock it off and just sit still. The wait was long for the waitress, she and two others were the only ones there.  At last she came and gave us menu's, took our drink order and off she went.  I was looking forward to a hot cup of coffee and could not wait till she came back with the drinks. She served the drinks and told us she would be right back to take our order. I reach for a container of cream for my coffee and found the bowl was empty. I thought I had seen some earlier but really had not taken an inventory of our condiment caddy. I just sat and waited till I saw the waitress again which was about 15 minutes later.  I was anxious for coffee and was put out by the fact that the caddy did not have any.  I interrupted her as she was serving another tables dinner, I asked if she would bring me some cream, when I got the LOOK.  Now I know the LOOK when I see it, I have used it on my kids many of times.   I sat there not knowing if I should call her out on this or just ignore it. I chose to let it go but was mad all the same.  She came back with the cream picked up the empty bowl and dropped a full one in its place then took our order and off again she went.  Now we still have not gotten our dinner yet when someone comes around pouring refills for everyone. I was eager to get a second cup as it was fairly good coffee. I reached for a container of cream to find only one left. In my disbelief I said "What happen to all the cream"?    One of the girls pips up and said "we drank it". What? Ya Mom it taste good. I can not see any evidence that any cream existed other than the two I use.  How did you drink it and I did not see you.  Ya Mom they are really small and you can drink-em fast. I stood up and looked over the Lazy Susan and saw all the little container lining the side of the condiment caddy. My reality set in quick as to the LOOK the waitress gave me. My visuals kicked in and all I could envision was the two of them sitting there slamming back Half and Half shooter and I fell out Laughing to the point of embarrassment.  Now I was left with one cream and no way I was asking for more. 

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