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Death of the sightseers

I have to say that sightseeing with out the dogs does seem to take more energy.  Making sure they are not pooping or peeing in places that are not acceptable, putting leashes on taking leashes off.  Making sure to stop for water and stop for pee. Trying to eat in the car without loosing your food or fingers. Locking all food away or clean up later. The first one back to the car cleans up poop even if its in someone else seat. And sneaking them all in hotels is a real time killer.These things can drag down a persons energy and mood very quickly.  But going on this trip with 6 kids and no dogs has changed my way of thinking.  Getting all 6 out of two room and the front door of a hotel is a challenge all of its own.  Not to mentions getting them all on a subway with out one getting slammed in the door and dragged along the rails is also challenging. Drinking fountains, taking pictures, and lets not forget ordering foods are real deal breaker. I founds myself just standing in one place snapping a pic and yelling next while throngs of people waited there turn at a photo in front of something or another. Then at every turn I would have to look back and see who were taking the next set of glamor shots, I mean come on, how many posses can you take in front of a rock..... Then we would all have to wait for that photo shoot to finish then take ten steps and someone else started there photo shoot. My GAWD it's one block to the museum I can't believe it has taken an hour, we'll never see the White house. Group photos were nice and quick but you had to use every ones camera, that would be 7 shots.  Now the combination photos were killers.  That is where two girls want there picture together but with both of their camera's now another one wants in so we now have a third set of photos and another camera.  This is where it gets tricky, the third girl now wants a photo of her and the first girl but not with the second girl so we start again, and heaven for bid if they all want in the same photo but with different girls standing next to them we could be there for hours.  Drinking fountains and bathrooms could not be passed by with out one of them starting the total dismantling of the group.  Getting them started again was such a massive undertaking that I would be drained mentality and physically. I caught myself hyperventalating at the sight of a bathroom or water fountain. As I am thinking I was getting to old to do this, one of the girls says, I'm tired !  Then another, and yet another. Well I am starting to see a little payback coming my way, so I said lets go to Arlington and see the tomb of the unknown soldier and Kennedy's grave.  We can ride the bus there.  Well ride was the operative word that got them all going. The bus dropped us off at the welcome center and I was giving my tour narrative as we walked through the center and out the back to the cemetery when they saw the first hill.  Now I wish I could have been sneaking around in their  minds to know what they were think at that moment, because the looks on there faces was priceless.  For those who have not been there it is full of hills and you have to walk to get around in the cemetery. We made it to Kennedy's grave and I could see the fatigue taking over in them.  On the way to the tomb they started dropping like fly's.. Yes! I laughed you young chicks can't hold a candle to us old gals they don't make'm   like us any more. I didn't let up as they dropped along the road side, I'll be back this way to pick you up, don't go any where, Then my wicked laugh kicked in to overdrive pissing them right off.  I made it to the tomb with only three girls in tow, laughing all the way.  Now it is getting late and the last bus back is at 5pm and we were instructed to be on time or it was a long walk back. So as I approached each fallen girl and yell out "lets move it we have a bus to catch hustle hustle".  I guess it was a little over kill on my part but a parent needs to get there licks in when they can.  I reveled in their agony not giving one thought to the next day when Hell hath no furry as a beat up old body did.  The ride back on the subway left most of them needing a wake up call to get off, I hung tight not letting them see me in agony because I need to show them young girls what sightseeing with out a car was like, they were to soft and needed some toughing up. Hell did not wait till morning it started in ASAP when I hit the door of the room. The spasms and muscle cramps were about to be my death when they eased just enough to allow me to sleep.  We were all limping and complaining the next day as we walked the entire National Mall stopping at as many Smithsonian's as we could manage to run through.  As we were into quantity not quality.  Then I said if you all want to go on to the capital go with out me. I will meet you all back at the Old Post office.  There was a couple of takers but the rest was with me hobbling all the way.  And I was not laughing any more. By the time we got to the Old Post office we all just dropped and I even fell asleep waiting for the girls to get back.  Tonight we all wanted to go back early no running around China town tonight. I am not even sure I want to get into the car tomorrow just put my butt on a plane because they don't make'm like me any more.

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