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Forced Christmas present.

Shopping is an activity that I want no part of.  I must shop for food or die but that is all I must shop for. It is just for survival. Now my kids on the other hand are Shopaholics. I am about to start our own 12 step meetings for them.(Hi my name is Mary and I can not have 10 cents in my pocket I must spend it....). So shopping for cloths is done less than annually. I find one thing I like and buy in every color and done. I take great care of my cloths so they will last till the next ice age. I take a lickin from the kids about once a day because my shoes are old, my cloths are old and don't get them started on my 20 year old socks. That lickin takes hours of abuse from them.  Now my hand bag is the same way I buy one and it usually falls apart before I break down and buy another.  Now I do have a small clutch bag for formal attire but since I do not go to the theater much any more I don't really know where its at.  Three years ago the girls bought me a red hand bag for my Birthday.  Now I love red but I would never buy a red hand bag.  But hey it looks better than the one with one strap left.  This red bag has taken a beating and it is almost ready to spill its contents and I keep procrastinating on buying another.  It is so bad I embarrass the girl when we go out to eat. They would not even let me take into the hotel we stayed at while on vacation last month. The bag has been puked on chewed on and every other thing a dog can think of to do to a hand bag.  I must say it would kill a germ a fob to just look at it.  Today started the Christmas break for the kids and they spent the day shopping, we only live a mile from the mall. (Hi my name is Mary and I am a  Shopaholic and only live one mile from the mall.)  When I got home they wanted me to see the big present under the Christmas tree.  As I am confirming that yes there is a big package under there.  They all start in Mom its your Christmas present you have to open. "What?" I said Its not Christmas yet. It doesn't matter you gave us our present early. Yes! but you needed them to do your homework.  Ya Mom you need yours too. I said "Thank You but I want to wait"  No! Mom you have to open it now. I'm thinking it must have a short shelf life or the dogs will get it before me so I opened it.  Now to my surprise they got me another red bag this time it is real leather so it will last longer and look better then the red shinny vinyl bag I had.  They promptly told me I needed it before we went to Iowa on Wed. I guess enough is enough. This is the old bag.

Now the new red hand bag
One can only wonder how long before it gets the Damn Dog initiation.

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