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Convict calls

Where I work has undergone some major changes in the last 5 year. We grew so fast that we had to just rent warehousing space to keep us going with a plan in the works to build a new facility to house all of us under one roof.  We out grew the space before the building was finished.  Now in the old facility I had my own office on the dock had heat and air lots of space.  They bought a big parcel of land with a huge warehouse on it with the plans to extend out from the warehouse with manufacturing space. I was then moved out to the new warehouse so they could us my area to make more manufacturing space till we could all move into the new building.  The new warehouse did not have an office so my desk was put up front in the offices up there.  I use a bicycle to get back and forth to my receiving area and my office.  One day my boss says I should be closer to my team members and the receiving area and moved my desk out next to the dock door no heat no air no walls.  After much complaining about the noise and adverse weather conditions that kept me mummified in the winter and sweat drenched in summer. He built me an office and said I would share with three of my fellow co-workers, not a problem. The office was built between two dock doors with 5 big windows a door and no roof.  Well we were told that the new building was going to have the latest technology and we were going green, just think how nice it will be. I waited through the construction of the new building along with its noise, dust dirt and adverse weather conditions to find out that none of the new facility was going to do anything for me.  They threw out the old furniture everyone got new to match with the d├ęcor we got the hand me down stuff to pick through and furnish the office with no roof, no air and no heat. The three of us grew to love that office we were hidden away from everyone no one came out to the warehouse leaving the climate controlled space they all now had.  Everyone was put in cubicles, gone were the days of individual offices.  For about four years we’ve been in that little office until This past Monday we were move again this time they are remodeling the warehouse offices and we are being moved to a new office with a trucker’s door and new entry way for them. We are in some old cubs that were in the old facility out in the middle of the warehouse all of us awaiting our new digs.  We’re thinking a couple of months but have now heard some of the contractors saying 4 or more.  I could complain for days but just know it is not a place any of us wants to be.  The cubs are two panel sides with one tinted window between the two rows of us.  My co-works and I cannot communicate over the cube because of the noise level that surrounds us. Forklifts honking the sounds of machinery and a Ginormous heater that is right by us, keeps the noise decimal pretty high.  So we have reverted to calling each other several times a day rather than try yelling over the cube or running around it.  So the other day my co-worker and I are looking through the tinted glass make silly had jesters and talking on the phone with each other, when a team member walks by and stops, just looking at us. As we hung up and looked at him he said are you making convict calls. This comment took us both by surprise and sent us into a bought of laughter that drew attention from others in the two rows of cubes.   We now look at each other through the glass and just pick up the phone and call like the convicts on TV.  So the other night we are watching an episode of a crime drama on TV when there’s a scene with the window phone from a prison and I said to the girls “ This is what Mom and Julie do at work” and one of the girls reply “Do you and Julie go to jail too.  Just kidding it’s a joke…. Ya! Like I can explain that one.

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