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Senior Damn Dogs are the Damnest.....

My Archie does not follow the typical mold of an Older dog.  He mostly goes about his day under the radar he does not interact with the other dogs he likes to hang out in my favorite chair in my room that he claimed years ago along with my down comforter, the later I have taken back.  He only wants what he wants he goes around with out any sense of fear, pain, or care of  his surroundings in any way.  He acts as if he can not hear and his one eye is cloudy but I know he sees just fine or he has a hell of a nose. They say, when one of the senses is lost the others get stronger, Now his nose is the only thing left so I am sure he can smell a fly, fart across the room. Archie, being my first Chinese Crested is the one that started my love affair with the breed.  I have always looked as his eccentricity as an interesting new twist to my life. He gets into everything and all we have to do is leave the room. He tattles on one of my other dogs to get his chair back. He hikes his right leg, takes a few steps and twist a little to the other side, and hikes his left leg.  He does it with such ease that it looks choreographed. Now as I am yelling, put that leg down! he moves on to his next mark and he is hiking one leg or the other before I can clean the first spot. As I am trying to keep one step a head of him I am actually a mile behind.  Most days, I don't think  he is at home, when I look at him. Till he finds his next attraction that makes me think his cunning has been honed over the years to a fine tuned art.  I think I have found a means of containing his cunning ways to only find out I am few days late of that cunning maturity and he has gotten even better than last. I love this dog to death, he has been the center of many laughs and many headaches over the years. He has always been the alpha dog but will shared that spot with other of my own pack.  My pack has stayed strong, till as of late, I have noticed he has just walked away from his position and gone about things in his own way, not completely aware of his surroundings or not caring about his surrounding.  He has become the epitome of a dawdling old man. No offense to my male readers. I make my assumptions from my grandfathers.   Today's latest adventure left me feeling like I wanted to take him out. Seriously, take him out. I have spent over an hour cleaning up after the old boy and my frustration has hit all new levels.  I have now felt the need to write as it takes the edge off, and my edge being as sharp as it has ever been, I thought it better than Taking him out.  I look back at some of his antics and can laugh now.  I would like to share some of them with you. Enjoy a bit of my Archie.  

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