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Confucius Mom, words of wisdom

There are words of wisdom that Mom’s pass on to their children, like don’t stick your tongue on the frozen pump handle or don’t eat the yellow snow. As we get a little older we understand how important these little bits of wisdom are.  Now my kids are just now getting these little bits of wisdom but I am not sure I am the best person in the world to give them as I am a learn as you go kind of person.  Now not all of my information comes after the lesson has been learned but no one listens to Mom any way so I am not sure if it even matters.  Now I have been reminded lately that the kid’s learning curve may need some work.  Such things as: If you put lip balm on and rub it under your nose to help moisten the chapped area from blowing your nose to much, make sure it’s clear not red.  Never walk in the hall way without turning on the lights first; Dogs leave presents.  Turn the beater off before lifting it out of the bowl. Make sure when you get in the van it’s our van.   They may look the same but big difference between salt and sugar.  The milk has an expiration date for a reason. Never throw water out of the window of a moving vehicle.   If you hear the hissss the gas is coming out and yes that is the smell of burned hair. The word Dog on the box of cookies should have been the first clue they were for the dogs. Here we don’t eat a bowl of whip cream with a dollop of pudding on the top. Whip cream is not a flavor of ice cream. Do not open the dish washer until it has stopped and Vitamins will not cure a headache.  Now it only takes a split second to overcome the horror of such lessons before I bust out laughing, that makes the sting of learning a lesson that much harder.   


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