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Cherry red anklets, What color is your socks?

I am not sure about the rest of the world but I do have days that I can convince myself of many things, these days start early in the morning when I am not on my game. I'm sleepy and not focused and the only thing I can think about is coffee and a bagel. Then the problem of what to wear, I am not a shopper so there for my wardrobe is small and I need to wash my cloths at least once or twice a week or I will run out of clean cloths. As I muttle around the house looking for cloths I let myself believe that the cloths I have picked are Okay and no one will care as long as I am clean and neat. Well as I have learned that is not always the case. I only had one sweat shirt to wear and it was a bright pastel pink and the only pair of jeans was my big comfy high water mom jeans. The problem then lies in what color socks will go with this as I am out of dark colored socks. My choices are limited so I picked cherry red ankle sock. I was completely aware of the mistake as I drove to work and the calves of my legs are freezing because of the gap between the socks and pants when I sit down. And again I tell myself I will just be sitting at the computer and no one can see my feet under the desk. Just about lunch time a group of my co workers come into my office to talk and I have my back to them so I swirl around in my chair and we start talking business. I get myself comfy and lean back in the chair and cross my legs as we talk. I catch a couple of them looking down at me feet, I am again reminded of how badly I am dresses. I just deal with the stupid choice of clothing and know I am clean.  When I hear the sarcastic comment I am sure I would have use if it where me. "So did your dogs dress you this morning"? I am real sure I will not wear that combo again.  

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