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Lessons Mom must learn

Lessons in life all come with consequences even when the lessons are used on you as a double lesson. We have a rule that if you take food or order food you have to eat it. This one does come back to bite me every now and then, but the kids have upped it and trumped that lesson with you had better pee when the car stops because I am not stopping every 30 minutes for some one to pee. Hold it or don't drink.
We are on a two day road trip transporting dogs, we stop for breakfast on the way home at one of the Souths brand name breakfast sit downs dinners and order a big meat, egg and potato kind of breakfast that comes with the never ending cup of coffee and mega sizes orange juice glass. I have a caffeine headache from hell as it has been over 24 hours since my last injection of caffeine and I am taking advantage of the never ending cup of coffee. The kids are busting at the seams from the food and now are trying to finish off the mega juice one by one they all head to the ladies room like good kids knowing how bad it will get if they don't.  One of the girls who's eyes are truly bigger than her belly and has over a half of glass of juice, starts in lets go mom. I pipe up, are you going to guzzle that down while I pay or would you like a little more time to finish it before we leave. Now she is ready for me and dose not miss a beat with the come back. " Mom do you really want me to drink all of this? you know I will have to pee every 5 minutes ". Now I have to ask myself, do I want to  stop every 30 minutes for this kid to pee as she has the bladder of a walnut or toss the 5oz of juice in the glass.  So my dilemma is convenience/consequence or waste not want not??????  Okay get in the car and lets go.. I had to listen to that one for miles.

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