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It was a long ride home

We had the Chi boys for almost two years waiting for the perfect family to take both boys.  My girls were in love with them and would often beg me to keep them.  When I told them that the boys may have a forever home they did not believe me. They just thought that it was not going to happen as many have tried to adopt them but something always fell through.  On Friday one by one they called me at work to see if we were really going to take the boys to their new home.  It is hard to not get their hopes up and yet be realistic about if the home does not screen well the dogs come back with us.  I mostly just reminded them that this is what Mom does rescue, foster and rehome the dogs.   When I got home the mood was not warm and fuzzy it was almost a little hostile, but I did not want to read anything into it.  We picked up Beatriz who came home for the weekend at the bus depot and started are trek to the new home.  About half way down to the new home they started in, " I hate you " You ruined my life" I will never love another dog" The ugly drama was getting thick when one of the girls said " I'll make Max bite me and then they won't want him. There was no end to my ranting till we arrived at the home.  With a stern reminder it was a long way home in the dark walking.  We entered the home to greet the most wonderful family, the Dad had been working his fingers to the bone trying to finish up the fenced in area with a doggy door entrance for the two boys. He only needed to add a porch to cover the steps to keep them dry from rain and snow.  I must admit it was a wonderful area for them to play and take care of business.   The girls were very good and got the family to promises lots of daily pictures and updates for the girl.  Then a couple went to the car, I imagine so no one would see their tears. We said our good-by's and left.  The sobbing was unbearable to me.  I felt so bad for them because again I have adopted out a dog that they fell in love with.  In their minds I need to adopt out my dogs because Cabot pisses off everyone just entering the room.  Archie is just plain old and Chiquita only love me. Weezie is going blind and no fun to play with anymore.  Gertie is the only one they care about and there is only one of her.  We had a few words and then the agonizing silence for over an hour. I can handle the verbal banter but the silence cuts me to the bone.  It always amazes me how one minute I want them to hate me and not speak to me, ahhhhhh the peace and quit. Then the next minute I wish they would yell at me. How does one tell them that yes the dogs are foster dog and the dogs must find a new home?  It’s hard enough in English to explain this to kids even get worse when they speak a different language.

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