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Dropped out of sight

I have gone back to making my bed in the morning as the blanket piling dogs are gone now.  This morning as I was making my bed I was reminded of something that happened to Chiquita on a camping trip last year.  I was shaking the sheet out and the dogs were having fun jumping and grabbing at it, as settled on the mattress.  Now as I chased them off one by one they jumped back up. Of course this was great fun for them but I am out of patients as I need to get my butt in gear and go to work. I thought I had the entire pack of dog put up behind the gate so I could finish; I grabbed the corners and gave it a hardy shake, all of a sudden Chiquita came rolling out and hit the back of the bed and got her leg stuck between the bed and wall. I yanked the bottom of the bed and she dropped out of sight behind the bed. I heard her down behind the bed clawing her way out from underneath the bed.  She popped out the end and started spinning.  Now I know that in stressful situations, well hell any situation she will spin to deal with whatever has her wound up. Now I feel bad for her but many times her behavior will send me into a bought laughter.  This morning was one of those times, and it brought back the memory of camping in the new pop up camper. 

The tent part of the camper is pulled down over the frame of the slide out beds on the ends. Now it is only fastened done on one end; the other two sides it just has a 4 inches flap of the tent hanging down over the bed. There is frame work and Velcro and bungee cords that connect all of it together. Now it’s hot and rain cannot get up under the 4 inch flap so we just let it hang.  The first night we went to bed as soon as the sun set, all the kids and the dogs are in the pop up and we are excited and goofing around as we settled into our first night of our vacation. We laughed and the girls made fun of me, because my backing up skills on the camper needed a lot of work.  The dogs are wound tight and running from one end of the thing to the other sniffing and romping. The girls and I start to settle in and the dog just could not pick a spot and lay down. It was as if they had to try every square inch of the thing to find the right place to sleep.  It seemed like forever before we got them all settle down and we were just about to doze off into dream land when Chiquita gets up and starts spinning on the end of my bed.  I guess sleeping in the new camper was way more than she could handle and it sent her into a spin. I tried to ignore her but the camper was bouncing as she run around on the end of the bed. In the dark I reach out to grab her and she ran up to my pillow as I turned around to grab at her again, I hit her leg and she disappeared from sight.  Now I am surprise and shock that my dog just vanished in front of my eyes. I started to look for her behind my pillow and the dogs think I am playing again so they start bouncing around the girls are yelling at me; it happened so fast, I pushed on the side of the tent and I saw her in the dim light of the moon spinning under the trailer, I fell out laughing.  Everyone jumped on my side of the camper to see what was going on, when we felt the movement of tent tilt. Now it was not much just enough to give us a rush thinking the damn thing was going to tip over.  The girls did not crank down the legs far enough.  I rushed outside and around the camper and there she was, she looked like a little pace setter horse on a much smaller track. Now the fact that she dropped 4 feet to the ground and it scared the hell out of her did not do much to get my laughter under control.  I picked her up and tried to comfort her the whole time I am in tears.  The girls got mad at me and went back in the camper, by time I got back in the girls yelled at me that everyone in the whole camp could hear me and I embarrassed them.  I got into bed got everyone calmed down except for myself. I tried to control myself but the more I thought of her spinning under the camper in the moon light the more I would laugh. I can only imagine what the poor dog was thinking, the kids just wanted to kill me.

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