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Car chasers

As I am getting ready to log off my computer and go home for the day the phone rings, It's the girls begging for a ride home from the Library because its only half a mile out of my way home. The big lesson in our house is Mom is not a Taxi, you get a bus pass, so use it. Now it does not stop them from asking which turns into begging because I always say no. Today was a crummy day we had a quarter inch of ice this morning and closed the schools. The girls went to the Library to study which made me proud because they did not stay home and watch endless episodes of Koren soap operas. I decided I would cut them some slack and give them a ride home. Now along with the ride comes my, be responsible and don't make me wait out front or I will leave you there, speech. Now I really don't know why I always give this speech because they have all learned that I will leave them if they make me wait on them, and know to be where they say they will be, on time.
The Library dose not have an entrance on the main road you must take the side street from the main street to keep traffic from backing up.. The girls standing inside the Library door can see the van way before I get to the door, so I expect them to run out to the car as I pull up. As I turned on to the Library drive I see my kids all over the parking lot going in different directions. I never made it to the front door as they all saw me and came running.  They are all laughing as they jump in and say "Mom do you see all the red cars"? I give the parking lot a quick once over and did see several red vans and said "ya what about it"? We thought they were all you and start chasing them till we saw the butt and no NAKEDK9. Now it all makes sense as all the van came one after the other, the girls are running around trying to read license plate to see which one was me. This was worth a dinner out as I ran this scene over again and again in my head all the while laughing at the girl. They're starting to act like the damn dogs, chasing cars.


  1. That's awesome! At least they didn't make you wait, they might be better trained than the dogs. :)