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Ugly brothers

Out of all dogs that I have had the privilege of helping into a new family and life I have never met any like the hooligan boys.  In their defense they are the most loving and velcroed dogs one could ever want, they are so happy to see you their garden hose tails can almost send you to the ground. They are full zest, shit and vinegar. They are the proverbial  Denice the Menace that has had way too much caffeine, a trick-or-treat bag of candy washed down with a 5 hour energy drink. They have no stop button: It is go full time. They feed off each others energy. One will hop in my lap for a little one on one snuggle time and the other one will come over and start a game of tag you're it. This is done by body slamming me at the same time grabbing a leg, ear, neck what ever body part that is close to grab. Now the game is on, the one in my lap then propels himself off my lap sending me and my chair into motion. They run so fast chasing each other that they can not stop and just run into walls, chairs, doors any thing that is in front of them. They have caught me off guard and just bowled me over. There is no watching TV or listening to music because when they play they snort and sneeze and shake it is so loud the only thing to do is turn up the volume.  Telling them to stop is like standing in front of a freight train and yelling stop, the results are the same. They are not bad boys they just can find any and everything to get into.  They are a big tease and will drive the girls crazy. They call them the ugly brothers.  They talk to them like they are chastising a kid and they are the Mom. It cracks me up because the whole time they are getting the big smack down with the wagging tails and kisses on every square inch of exposed skin. The dogs love them and they tell them they are ugly, bad and then move over on the couch to make room for them. The girls cover them up like a baby and hug them.  The hooligan boys eat it up. 
There was a brief period of time that they were separated and Marley calmed down instantly and was a wonderful little dog. I know the boys are going to be a great addition to a family but in the meantime they are a handful together.  We were upstairs this morning watching TV and eating some breakfast when I notice the boys were not in the room so I sent one of the girls to my room; the place of so much mischief. The boys came running back in the living room and she returned a minute later and said they ate the potato chips and donuts. How did they get the donuts?    The chip where up but not totally unreachable for them. But the donuts where in the pantry on the top shelf.  This one has left me scratching my head on how the hell they got the donuts. I was eating a sandwich a couple of nights ago and writing some e-mails when the phone rang. I put the plate with my sandwich on the top of the computer desk where I believe they can not reach.  NOT! they just used the key board to help them get up there.  I learned this after yelling about them getting my sandwich and settling back into finishing my e-mail when I found the screen totally full of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,  My GAWD how long did you stand on the thing. So much for the sandwich and the e-mail.
Now they do not sleep together any where because they don't sleep.  I used to put them in the kennel together at night but all they did was lay in there and wag there tails and bite on each. The sound of  snorting and the tails hitting the side of the kennel can wake the neighbors next door.  So now one sleeps in the kennel and one sleeps on my bed and this has been a miracle for my sleep. It's as if they plug into each others energy and until unplugged they are incapable of slowing down or stopping, They have been the center of me pulling my hair out, scratching my head in disbelief and tones of after the fact laughter.  I so can't laugh at the time but later when I recall everything it sends me into bouts of laughter.  They are almost human in the way they tease me and the girls the look in their eyes is one of a mischiefest child.  I am sure that when they go I will miss them but now is not that time.   

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  1. Wow, they're fabulous! Prudence is able to get to just about anything in the kitchen, but she's much larger! Hoping that you're able to place them in a wonderful home soon!