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Cute food?

My company that I work for promotes health to its fullest.  We get paid to stay healthy, fresh fruit daily, free yearly physicals, etc.  One of the fun parts of this is once a month the Sue chef here puts on a healthy cooking/eating class.  She has prepared all ingredients a head of time and bags them up and after the class they sell the package that feeds 4 people at a low coast of 5 dollars.  So this month it was a summer pasta salad.  It came with 4 bags of cooked pasta a huge bag of precut fresh veggies right out of the company’s organic gardens, sea salt, fresh herbs and olive oil.  Everything is pre measured and packaged up and they take the 5 bucks out of your check no money need at the time.  
Now one of the girls has an obsession with cute food as she calls it. She loves to watch the cooking show to see how they make food look (cute) yummy.  She sees a picture of some dish on the cover of a Better Homes and Gardens and she want me to get the ingredients so she can make the cute food.
Last night I brought the bag of ingredients home and asked her if she wanted to prepare it.  She got so excited and could hardly wait to cook it.  I went to my room to check on e-mails and mostly play around on the computer.  I hear the sounds of pans bagging in the kitchen and rustling plastic bags and knew she was cooking.  After some time went by one of the other girls comes down and wants to use the camera, so I gave it to her and went back to what I was doing; not long after that I hear  her say “No, don’t take the picture yet”. This certainly peaked my curiosity, so I  moseyed up to the kitchen where she had move everything to the sides of the kitchen so it would not be in the picture and she is putting the veggies in the pan but did not want the bag in the picture. She wanted it to look like she was the prep cook and chef all in one. Now she had the other girl take pictures of her stirring the veggies in every possible angle to get the best picture, they must have taken 30 pictures. She did not want me in them because someone might think I was telling her what to do.  The dog had his nose in many of the pictures and she hated that.  I told her no one would think he was helping her.  I said “what are you doing”?  Ma I want to make cute food.  You have been watching too many cooking shows, now you think your Paula Deen.   Are you making Turktaino?  For all who do not know about a turktaino,

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  1. That sounds like the greatest thing ever! My company stocks our break room, but we pick what goes in it. I am fighting every month with my co workers to get me some healthy treats in there!