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Big ears.

I find that I will react to a situation without any further thought, even if the situation repeats itself many times.  I guess something about the situation has to keep annoying me before I think about what the hell is going on.  Now Joey has the biggest ears and they stand straight up and he is a bit bigger than most Cresteds, I am sure it is because he is a mix.  Now when he sits on my lap he loves to lean on my chest and tilt his head back words and then the licking starts. He is persistent and he will put force behind the lean so he stays there.  With the force come some discomfort as he is smashing and mashing my mammary glands, they no long have a function other than making my cloth fit better, but they are not numb my no means and so I find myself instinctually moving my body and head to repossession myself to relieve the pressure being apply by the dog. At the same time the ears are in my face no matter where my head is his ears are always in my face.  I cause myself pain just trying to move my face out of the way of his ears.  After a period of time I have to put him to the floor. He is a snuggle bug but it is often a pain full warm and fuzzy moment. 

Last night not being any different I am trying to eat a sandwich and he wants to smash my chest as his tongue is lapping the air in front of my face hoping for a lick of the sandwich.   I put him to the floor but he comes back and I am in the unthinking reaction mode as I try to catch the, who done it, on the show I am watching.  As I have my head tilted back as far as I can get away from the flapping tongue as possible to take a bite, I end up with mayo on my face, I reach for the napkin and the ears are right there rubbing the mayo all over my face and it’s in his ear fringe. Now here comes the other dogs to see if they can get in on the food action, I finally get my presents of mind and throw them all to the floor. I now have mayo all over me and the dogs are chasing Joey to lick his ear.  As I am cleaning up I realize how much these dogs have me conditioned to them.  I don’t think I just try to get my face out of there way instead of putting their butts to the floor.  What the hell is wrong with me?  The dogs have totally taken advantage of my lack of presents of mind and I let them. Well I am on to them now and will be aware of what they are making me do.  No more thoughtless reaction to them, the little bastards.  It’s bad enough when a human does it to me now I realize how long the dogs have been playing me.  

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