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Birthday love :)

I am not one to celebrate my Birthday as it was just another day. It  was not my parents fault because we went camping every year my whole life last week of July the first week of August, and we always camped. So no cake, no parties, but I did not care as I never had one and camping was the best part of summer and I always looked forward to it.  My Mom is a professional cake decorator and she always made cakes for everyone but me.  I never even realize I never got a cake because we had cake at our house all the time as mom would try new things we got the experimental cakes or the occasional disaster cake.  Because we never ate all the cakes she would freeze them for later. As I got older it just never occurred to me that celebrating is a big thing.  Now I have kids and I am a shit as I forget their birthdays and feel so bad.  The kids went together and got me an awesome birthday present.  I have always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon, one of those bucket list things that I just have not gotten around to doing. They gave me a gift certificate for a ride in a hot air balloon.  I have to call and pick the day I want to go.  They gave me the certificate while I was driving to MO,AR boarder to rescue two dog.  All I wanted to do was give them a huge hug, so I did the next best thing told them to stick their head next to me so I could kiss it. 10 years ago you could have ask me what I thought I would be doing at 60 and I could never have guessed I would have all these kids and dogs. I am so blessed to have these girls.  The kids and dogs started to come just about the same time and it was a slow progressing thing that in a very short time consumed me.  I never look back and never ask why, it had to be this way because I truly feel this is my purpose for being.  I feel so lucky to have been blessed with this life.  I love you girls and Damn Dogs.

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