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Mother Nature and the Damn Dogs

When Mother Nature calls I have no choice but to answer.  She came calling one minute after I left the parking lot at work. I kept going thinking it is only 10 minute drive she can wait. The surprise was on me she was not waiting.  I was doing  20 mph when I hit the kitchen and my coat was already off; I flew by the kitchen table at break neck speeds and tossed my coat on table. Before I could take another step I heard it hit the ground but my urgency kept me on my intended path to the bathroom. I came out feeling better to only find the Damn Dog gutting my coat. Seriously what happen to just pissing on the thing.


  1. Some dogs never seem to outgrow the destructive stage! I know how that goes... :)
    Hopefully it's an easy repair.

  2. I'm sorry, but the last line was hysterical! I feel the same about my 2 sons. What happened to just drawing on the wall instead of destroying things?!