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Snow storm of 2014

As I sit here with the wind chills dipping below -0 degrees Fahrenheit
and snow is drifting up to two feet with work and school closed, I have time to reflect on my child hood.
This is a time of great memories and happy times. My memories are rich with life and void of riches. although we were poor I never knew what that was. We ate even if it was poor mans gravy on potatoes.   Dad always made things for us to play with and we had fun. Mom got commodities, for all who do not know what that is, It was food staples from the government. Flour, sugar, powdered milk, powdered eggs, etc. Now most did not know what to do with all of this so Mom often got the goods no one wanted. Mom would bake and we always had yummy things to eat. Home made bread and she would take the left over bread doe and fry it and shake it in a paper bag with sugar and cinnamon. All the neighbors knew when she was baking and the kids just started showing up for all the yummy stuff. I am so blessed that I still have the memories of such innocents that the kids of today will never know. When I see 5 year old's out to dinner with the family talking on a cell phone I can not imaging what they will have to tell their children in 30 years. Life is being lost to technology and kids are not kids anymore they are just little versions of the parents who find themselves caught up in the techno era. Kids don't want real toys they want I pod ,cell phones, x boxes and every other gadget the society seems unable to live with out. Every few months the latest greatest version of what ever gadget you spent your money on is out and the hype that you will loose out on something if you don't get it the latest version, is causing us to dig into our pockets again for the same thing.    I can not say that the craziness has not gotten a hold of me, I am very blessed do have memories of a great child hood and a life I could have not made any better if I had planned it.  I have tried to give my kids memories but the harder I try the more they resist as technology is winning, the pressure to keep up with the rest of society is so strong that I fear my anger of such things will turn the kids even worse. I am not sure what to do but give in and let it be what it will be.
I will not worry about it and just move on, they will get what ever they want from this life with or with out me. When the stuff is gone I will still have the memories.
As I travel down memory lane.
Always loved dogs. They were always a part of my life.

My life long friend. Carlyn

My cousins Gail and Neva

Mom and Dad with older brother Fred.

Older brother Fred and younger brother Jim. I am standing by the tree. Dad made us a go cart.

 My older brother cooking Saturday mornings

 Summers with the family even around the house we all were there to enjoy.

Dad plowing the field with my older brother and I and neighbors sitting on plow. Yes we did all the dangerous things that we would call the law on someone doing today. There is lot to be said about innocents.

All of us kids and Mom. She still has the same ear rings.
On vacation I came down with the mumps but still had a good vacation.

Even the fish where bigger back then.

Taking a nap in the back yard was better than a slice of bread. The path between houses was well worn as we played with the neighbors and we went to each others house.

 and the things we could do with a wagon.
Naked kids playing in the water tank was the best.

Christmas was a great time and toys was what it was all about.

We went out to play staying in the house was unheard of.

Snow storms were even better. We had to crawl out windows to get out.

A Turkey leg was hours of fun.

Dad flooded the back yard every winter to make a ice rink for us to play on. We found all kinds of things to slid around on.
There were many snow sculptures that adorned the front yard.
Ice caves and snow ball fights where a way of life in the winter.

Even cutting trees down brought out the whole neighbor hood and God did smile on us as we had no idea how to cut the tree down and survived along with the house and garage. Life was so different.

I can't say that any of my neighbors know us or care. I see them and wave, we are not connected to people any more. It is a sad thing that we are loosing. What will our kids remember?????

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  1. Love all of the pictures! Hope it warms up soon, it was 6 degrees here when I took the dogs out for a very quick walk.
    We met most of our neighbors once we got Maggie, funny how being out everyday with a dog does that. :)