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Multi tasking or lunacy

I find my life is a state of trying to multi task to get through it, yet it is a state of Lunacy. Underneath I have always known that I was just a chicken with my head cut off but I failed to see this is a huge problem, it just is what it is. I'm not sure I really sat down and thought about it till Friday afternoon. Lets just say Friday was a day of hell for me. I played the game of "let me do this, but first."  This is where you head off to do something and see you have forgotten an important tool to complete your task so you go back to get said tool to only get back to where you should be to find you forgot something else. Now we have those days so we tend to rely on others to step in and help, to only find they are not going the same speed we are and we just end up repeating step one and two till we want to scream stop the world and let me off. Stop the madness! Friday was so bad for me the only thing that kept me going was the knowledge that at 2 pm I would go to the hospital and roll up my sleeve have an IV drip attached and lights out for around 2 hours.  I suffer from an iron deficiency and about once a year I go to the hospital for a round of iron infusions. They take about 2 hours out of my day and I go once a week often they last 6 to 8 weeks. For the sake of it is what it is I learned to look forward to the stress free nap that comes with this. I get liquid benadryl and it knocks me out, I can not stress over the loss of this time and the worry I am not doing something else I need to do and I can't fight it. So sit back do what I have to do and nap away.
This Friday the hospital was running a little behind so I did not get in at 2 and the waiting room was full. I sat and wiggled my leg to keep the anxiety at bay knowing that was the best I could do while I just waited the thing I have the hardest time doing. Waiting......
After 30 min the Tech came out and ask for two of us to come on back. He is the person that get us folks back, weighed put in a room, gets us drinks not alcoholic as we all wish, Now this particular time he is hurrying as he knows the  people and nurses are waiting. This is not my first rodeo so I know what to do. I filed through the first door along with the other two and wait for him. Then when he shows us through the second door I am on my way. I am not stopping and he yells after me Mrs. Y your in two. I headed for my recliner chair and I know once I am there I can relax and my nap is about to start.  I am relaxing watching this poor guy run back and forth trying to get everything for all of us and finds his way back to my room then remembers something off he goes. Then he comes back and realizes something else and off he goes again. The whole time he is smiling and making all the patients comfortable while awaiting their procedures.  When he comes back to my room I am telling him my day was quite the same as his. We laughed as we both could relate to the chicken with out a head day then we ran though some of our lunacy and laughed as he  put the blood pressure cuff on my arm. I recapped  my day expecting my blood pressure to be good as I have sat there relaxing for at least 10 min. As the machine stops and I see my pressure is off my charts I almost chocked. He told me that he will take it again and explained many things can make it high. He turns it on again and headed out the door to get me some ice water. As I felt the pressure releasing on my arm I watched the monitor  with great intensity when it stop and sounded its final results it was normal. I bust into laughter think crap I made my blood pressure hit the ceiling just recapping my horrific day.  By the time the tech came back I was laughing so hard I was crying. It took a minute to explain why I was rolling and then we both just laughed. He left feeling the great release that comes from laughing and thanked me for the laugh, I slept like a log. We must find the laughter in the Lunacy to make it through, and to my hospital tech you do make a difference to all of us who must be there when we would rather be else where

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