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The Christmas tree is up, really up.

It seems I have lost the Christmas spirit. I hate shopping that maybe the biggest problem but surly not the only one. I use to put so much into Christmas to make sure everyone had a great Christmas one to keep cheer going far after the presents where open and Turkey consumed. I also had great joy in this. But year after year the work consumed me and no one seemed to care if the table look marvelous the tree brilliant the joy of Christmas caroling with friends, and all the old family traditions we had along with some of my new ones. The spirit seeped away year after year. Now last Christmas I thought hey I will take the kids to Disney world for Christmas and we can all have fun and I made plans and was totally looking forward to Christmas. Well any great plan can fall apart and that ours did. It was such a bad Christmas I ended up with my head in a pillow feeling sorry for myself.
Now this year I am going to try again. This time I will make it a Christmas mission. One for all of us. We will again plan a trip to Nova Scotia Canada, I am going to dog transport. We will move dogs to new foster homes and forever homes and be gone a week. It is a lot of work to get all this together and then drive 26 hours and lets not talk about dogs in hotel rooms. None of us have been there before so we will see some of the sights and meet some wonderful folks that live there. It will be an adventure and I really need to have an adventure to get me through the holidays. The kids are looking forward to an adventure and the dogs will just be the adventure. I am hoping to accomplish many things with all of this and have some much needed fun.
With all of this the kids still wanted a Christmas tree. I decided to give them one that the dogs will not piss on and I even put it at eye level. Now they are ready to shoot me but I thought it was great I even got green apple sent.

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