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Stamps, seems so easy.

Postal pick up where I work is at 2:30 PM, if I can remember that I need to mail something the next thing is to remember to get it to the front office to go out by 2:30. Now if I just bought a book of stamps I would not have a problem as I could just drop it off on my way coming and going to work. Buying a book of stamps would be my biggest problem, I never think about stamps till I need them. We have a mail machine that post marks company mail so it is very easy to take my money and pay for the stamp and have the mail metered and sent. I found a book a few months ago and it still had a couple of stamps left in it. I have it in the back of my mind about these stamps but have yet to find them again. I do worry I dreamt I had these stamps, as I have spent many hours over the last few months looking for them. Now for a week I have been trying to remember a bill I have to pay and keep forgetting to get it in the mail. I would pull up to the mail box and look for the damn stamps and then drive away piss off. Next morning forget about the bill until I was home and in my jammies the next night then off to my purse I would go looking for the damn stamps again. I am embarrassed to tell you just how many time I have done this on the one bill alone.  Then at work the next day look up and realized I missed the pick up time and so needless to say I opened the bill took the check out ripped it up and wrote a new check including a late fee, Now I am really pissed at myself. So I taped the bill to my computer screen so I can get it to the office tomorrow and get the thing mailed. Next day I am running my butt off and keep telling myself to make sure I get the bill to the office and mail it. The last time I told myself it was already 2:15, I grabbed my purse to get some money and run. I open my wallet and there was no money "CRAP", I started to dig in the bottom. As I creeped myself out, digging in hell knows whats in the bottom of my purse, looking for change. As I retrieved my hand it had all sorts of crumbs under my nails, I shuddered and kept digging as I was almost out of time again. I found a small hand full of coins grabbed my bill and ran. I got to the front desk and ask if I had gotten there in time as I extended my hand full of coins and crumb. I got the answer I was looking for but the eyes were on my coins. I snicked and said "If you have a hazmat suit it will be OK. Then I revealed the likely disgusting stuff that could be mixed with my coins.  We both laughed and she held open the money box for me to drop the money in and she turned for the hand sanitizer. I am real sure the receptionist will not ever want to take money from me again.

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