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Just GEEGLE it!

Some days can be more stressing than others. So today started normal and it then it gained momentum as the time moved forward the stress came on like a freight train.  I then had to get my daughters income taxes that I had done for her and get home because home visit night is tonight and then dog have to be fed, kids need to be fed and I need coffee.  I am running late and get home run in the door and I can feel myself already drained and no more energy or brain cells left to finish off the evening with. I give my daughter her tax returns and tell her to sign and put in the envelope put a stamp on it and your done. Now the other two seem to think she is getting something they are not. Now comes the 250,000 questions. Whats that Ma? Taxes. What is Taxes? It is what we have to pay Uncle Sam. Who is Uncle Sam? Do we know him? No ! it is what we call the government, Who?
Really! Do I need to explain Government to you: What the hell are you studying in school?  Then the subject changes ever so slightly, Do you make Taxes? No, I pay taxes. I then proceed to explain about the money is taken out of our pay checks every week and then we balance it at the end of the year so we know if we payed enough or if we still owe more. The mistake came when I said I claim 1 person during the year and 4 at the end of the year, That set off a whole new set of questions. Can you put me in you Taxi? That then changed the subject again. No and if I did you would not pay me. What???? its not Taxi its Taxes, Oh! can you put me on your Texas. Now I am on the edge and do not want to say one more word but now I must explain the difference between Taxes, Texas and Taxi then pronounce each one a hundred times so they could hear the difference. It got me no where so I said stop I don't what to do this any more. Ok how many kilometers in a Meter? Do I look like a math teacher, look it up. Then one of the girls chime in just GEEGLE it.  What the hell is Geegle? You know mom you Geegle it on the computer. NOooooooooooo,  You Google it!  Then the old blind dog gets stuck between two kennels and start barking his butt off. Then we start on home work. The questions and noise has chased me to the basement to get off the speeding freight train of stress. GAWD some days are just hell.

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